Optrel Panoramaxx Review

It is only normal and wise and in fact, perhaps, the greatest good you could do to yourself— taking care of your self especially when it comes to the subject of safety. You should never risk or compromise matters that will assure your safety over financial insurance, especially in high-risk jobs. One of these jobs, of course, is welding. As much as interesting welding is, it can be as hazardous when you haven’t got the right gears in place. To make everything worth it, you need quality protective gear for your face, hands, legs, and other vulnerable parts of your body. 

Now let’s go for the face because it is very much more important than you might be anticipating. You may disagree with me but it is the first thing you need for your welding job. Other gears might be as important, but getting a welding helmet is perhaps the most primary of all. This is why you should not get just any welding helmet for the sake of cutting costs. It is worth every penny if you could add some little more cash just to acquire a quality protective welding helmet that will fulfill all your heart desires and do even more. You have to examine deeply, all your conditions with respect to choosing which welding helmet will be suitable for all these. Conditions such as comfort, clarity, view size, battery life, and the helmet’s longevity, are specifications you have to look for in getting the right welding helmet for your job. To cut the narrative short, let me tell you which helmet has all these—- Optrel welding helmets.  And in this Optrel Panoramaxx review I’ll show you what no other Optrel Panoramaxx review will.

Optrel welding helmet is one unique helmet with grind mode and light body that has got what it takes to be the best of them all. It comes with some very nice unique features that fulfill all you could be looking for in a welding helmet: comfort, clarity, view size, battery life, power source, durability,  true color, auto-darkening, sensor, and many other astonishing functionalities. With welding helmet, Optrel, all kinds of welding operations electrode Welding, flux-cored, wire welding, plasma arc welding, oxy-gas welding, stick welding, and GMAW high melting processes.  More on the review below.

Features Of Optrel Panoramaxx Auto Darkening Helmet


The Comfort Optrel Panoramaxx auto-darkening helmet offers are multi-various. First, it comes with a lightweight design despite the all-encompassing functionalities it offers. It is perfectly designed in the sense that there is even weight distribution functionality so that you are able to wear it almost all day without knowing you are putting on a helmet. 

It comes with an autopilot functionality that allows for an automatic shade selection. This way you don’t need any helmet adjustment because the Optrel Panoramaxx auto-darkening helmet has a nice option that affords you very clear and lighter default settings. The 2 – 5 default shade setting automatically switches to 5 – 12 once an arc spark is detected. Since this helmet comes with the functionality of interpreting which light comes from your weld work and selecting the right shade level for protection, you are able to work accurately and efficiently for long hours while your protection from bright flashes and strikes is guaranteed. 

Another comfort feature Optrel Panoramaxx has got is the delay functionality. To make the auto-darkening design work well it is able to prolong the time in transitioning from dark to light to protect your eyes from sudden brightness, eliminating any discomfort during your welding operation. 


Optrel Panoramaxx auto-darkening welding helmet comes with an autopilot function that correctly selects the suitable shade in protection against whichever light is produced during a welding operation. By this, you are protected and able to focus well on the welds. 

It also comes with a UV filter design to filter out the UV light and other debris that are produced in order to ensure a more realistic and sharper view. 


This is what the Optrel Panoramaxx auto-darkening welding helmet excels at much more than other welding helmets. The welding lens is closer to your eyes giving you a more clear and close view of the weld. In fact, the view size comes with the feature of a broader field vision of up to 6 times. This is far better than other convention welding helmets. And another unique ability of this helmet is that it has a curved lens removing any possible obstruction and affording you a view that covers the whole area. This is much better than many other helmets that only makes the scene claustrophobic. 


Now here’s the most important aspect of this review. Unlike other welding helmets, you don’t need to constantly change the battery of the Optrel Panoramaxx auto-darkening welding helmet since the lithium polymer energy pack can be fully recharged in under 15 minutes with a USB cable. This is much better and even more encouraging because when the battery gets fully charged, it can last for more than 8 hours of continuous operation without getting weak. Even with this heavy-duty battery, Optrel Panoramaxx is still lightweight with just a small weight of 550g. This is thought-provoking. 


What perhaps brings the mouth wide agape of the battery feature is the source power of the Optrel Panoramaxx auto-darkening welding helmet. It is not only one helmet with electricity that the battery can be charged. It also uses solar power or energy from the UV rays produced by the arc light. You may take this one lightly but this is what makes Optrel Panoramaxx the king daddy of all welding helmets because with this feature it is able to gather energy from the UV rays elongating the battery life to more than 20 hours of non-stop operation. So you can just put your helmet out in the sun if you haven’t got much electricity. 


There is no doubt about the long life of the Optrel Panoramaxx helmet itself with its grind mode possibility. With the long-lasting battery that doesn’t need replacement and the auto functionality of the helmet to eliminate the unnecessary adjustment needed during usage, the welding helmet has proven more than durable. Also, the compact design and portability of the helmets are important factors that contribute to its durability. 


This means that the Optrel Panoramaxx helmet is able to give the precise display of the natural color of your working environment, thanks to the true color technology integrated. By this, you are able to access every little detail of your environment. There is no other result than a more accurate and effective work. Properties such as tone, contrast, and sharpness are actively in play rendering all the assistance you need to make your work efficient. Professionals really enjoy it when a welding helmet offers the true color of their environment. The welding helmets Optrel Panoramaxx is able to offer this functionality with the help of the UV filter design and the 6 times broader field vision.  


The auto-darkening functionality automatically controls your view to protect your eyes from the harmful sharp rays produced during welding. It functions by detecting sharp welding flashes with its sensors. When this happens there is the automatic activation of the appropriate shade that will act as protection against the light produced. This is what many helmets are struggling at nowadays and the Optrel Panoramaxx helmet has risen to become a success in bringing this functionality to play. 


The sensors of the Optrel Panoramaxx helmet primarily perform the function of detecting and handling the harmful sparks that occur during welding. Many welding helmets are designed with the standard two sensors, only a few helmets are modern enough to be designed with four sensors. Optrel Panoramaxx helmet is a rare type of welding helmet that is designed with five sensors. This comes in handy because the higher the numbers of sensors the more efficient it is able to handle the auto-darkening functionality efficiently. After the sensor detects the autopilot functionality just go to work in picking the accurate shade for the kind of spark produced. The sensor has balanced control so it is able to adapt well to the helmet view in relation to your working environment.  

There are many other nice functionalities that are adapted to the Optrel Panoramaxx helmet to make the welding operation a smooth and stress-free one. One of them is the twilight feature. This means that apart from the auto-darkening feature, Optrel Panoramaxx is also designed to switch from the dark mode to the light one when the day is getting duskier. This functionality is more effective with the many sensors that come with it. With the sensors, Optrel Panoramaxx is given the required sensitivity of properly adapting to your surroundings by making your view lighter and clearer when it grows darker. 


So far, you will observe that the quick tour around the Optrel Panoramaxx review has been very enlightening. If you are going for a nice cool comfy helmet, I will say you should not pass by Optrel Panoramaxx especially if you have got the cash. I can only say, perhaps the little fault I find in Optrel Panoramaxx is the more cash needed to get this. However, this is very normal because it is a high-quality welding helmet with advanced technological design and functionalities. So you would normally expect that high-quality welding helmets of this category will come with a very high price. And more advantageous is the fact that the other helmets in the Optrel Panoramaxx category are even higher and with lesser features than the Optrel Panoramaxx. 

Once again, I encourage you to please try and go for the Optrel Panoramaxx if you have all the cash.