Vulcan Omnipro 220 Welder Review [Updated Version]

You sure have had an experience with a 210 0r 220 multiple-process MIG TIG welding machine. And chances are that you’re here either for a blameless replacement or a standby backup for your old’ metal-frying buddy. Either way, you can only hope for a better experience far from what you’ve had in the past. You’ve turned to your colleagues and would like to figure out what brand is the current best multi-process welder in the 210/220v range that can weld MIG, and even TIG and STICK. And the highest votes so far have been shared between Vulcan and Lincoln.

Now you’re more confused. Our Vulcan omnipro 220 welder review here reveals all the edges Vulcan has over Lincoln. Though not a head-to-head sort of review, just a precise overview of the details of Vulcan omnipro 220 mix, but it’s easy to make-out who beats who hands down from this post. That is if you have ever used the Lincoln 210, watch a friend weld with it, or read about it.

Vulcan OmniPro 220 Multiprocess Welder with 120/240 Volt Input

But again it’s no problem if you have no experience with our 210 guys. Our team of expert engineers has test-driven the two and the decision is that we review Vulcan Vulcan omnipro 220 over Lincoln for garage owners, chop-shop runners, and industrial welding. I would like to take you down our team’s findings while summing up the system mix of Vulcan omnipro 220 from part to part!

Review for Vulcan Omnipro 220 Welder

  • The high-tech dual-voltage inverter; is 49lbs in weight, making it convenient for you to carry it with the comfy handles around on a field with less effort. On the other hand, you won’t need to get rid of some other equipment of their space in your shop for Vulcan omnipro 220 since the overall 30.2 × 19.2 × 15.5” dimension falls to the medium category. The Vulcan omnipro 220 inverter in itself is a high-tech dual-voltage design with consistent power output on either of the two voltage. On the 120v input, you enjoy a flow of low-frequency weld of 100amps nonstop on mild-steel, stainless steel, and industrial grade aluminum of low thickness. the industrial-grade aluminum on this drive system is sturdy and able to withstand heavy-duty, meanwhile for high-frequency start and weld, simply switch to 240v input to enjoy a consistent 200amps high output on thick metals. with an LCD display for process selection and advanced controls, inbuilt power overload and voltage protection are in a position to secure your investment when the power supply goes bad.

A quick glance at the configuration platform reveals an exclusive memory feature for recalling the welder settings and a 3 control knobs easy to twist for fast configuration. Each knob is built with strong plastic and tightly fixed in place to resist turning in response to weld vibration so they only respond to you. This ensures safety, accuracy, and prevent usual welding mistakes common with multi-process welders. as a MIG TIG welding machine, MIG flux-core dc TIG, TIG Stick, each of the knobs is dedicated to TIG welding, MIG, and STICK welder respectively as well as flux core. And above them is a 4.3” LCD screen meant for advanced control and process selections. Below the 3 knobs are 3 ports; one for foot pedal control plugging, one for spool gun attachment, and the last one for TIG and STICK holders.

Vulcan OmniPro 220 Multiprocess Welder with 120/240 Volt Input

Another feature on the inverter is memory storage dedicated to saving settings. This way you never make the local news headline for the guy who lost the critical setups of a fortune 400 company’s welding project. Vulcan Vulcan omnipro 220 also let this machine come pre-loaded with 132 welding programs you can startup with immediately out of the box. And oh, a cold feeding function is included for when you need to make a quick wire feed of 50 to 500 inches per minute in-between operation periods.

  • The 150amps TIG Torch; For a DC TIG welder, this is meant for steady and high output of power on all weld, both high frequency, and low output amperage. Create a tight connection with the inverter, switch to 150amps maximum for HF start and this TIG torch responds almost instantly with the industrial standard 60% duty cycle. And when you operate at minimum, 115amps, the duty cycle remains the same 60%. Though as expected you’ll only get the maximum output on DC and the minimum on AC. Needless to say, since most users of the previous design complained about the torch burning-out on high frequency, Vulcan omnipro 220 had switched to a temperature plastic material for heat resistance.

What’s the experience like? Starting from the torch handle it is made with the same temperature plastic but of a different texture special for a non-slip grip. This accounts for a greater torch control plus handling comfort. Though a heavy-duty design torch, this 150amps torch is made by Vulcan into a lightweight of 5.9pounds to keep you at work for long free of hand-strain. Furthermore, an adapter cable is inside the package for a compact connection with the 220 dual-voltage inverter technology. Then there is the consumables kit containing extra torch gun accessories for a free first operation on several 132 pre-loaded welding programs.

Open up the torch consumables kit to find alumina nozzle of 4 different cup sizes; 4, 5, 6, and 8. Easily fit the size you need, each of the cups is made of thick heat-resisting rubber into robust pink heads. The body and collet of the cups are; 1/6” for 4, 5/64” for 5, 3/32” for 6, and 1/8” for cup 8. Meanwhile, the ceriated tungsten is of the VA-TIGT model for durability and perfect wire feed fitting. This is very suitable for DC TIG and DC Stick welding. For a professional TIG Stick welding performance, Vulcan makes a tungsten range upgrade making this new design 0.020” × 5/32” of tungsten range. the Vulcan is an excellent TIG welder

  • Vulcan omnipro 220, the 180amps MIG gun; comes as a heavy-duty MIG gun designed for all-position comfort and extended maneuverability. Remember working against gravity as you weld from beneath of several car chassis all day as a mechanic. with the omnipro 220, You’re sure to be conversant with two experiences. It’s either you spend the rest of the evening on a therapeutic zero-gravity chair to get relief from all the strain. Or you splash out on a therapist or a massager to stitch you up for the next day. Either of the two never stop happening to you with those heavy MIG guns. Wrist strain. Back pain. These have been considered by Vulcan in the design stage of their 180amps MIG welding gun for the dual-voltage inverter technology.

The 180amps MIG gun of the omnipro 220 is insanely light in weight, 4.90lbs, to keep you working for as long as you want in all positions. Drop smooth excellent beads wherever whenever with no splatter. Whether indoor or outdoor enjoy comfortable 120amps weld delivery on all metals from industrial grade aluminum to nickel to stainless steel and mild steel. The industrial grade cast aluminum drive system feeds the wire to the torch flawlessly. Though we highly recommend the MIG welding feature for pipeline fabricators alone and some other large aluminum projects on the field alone. You wouldn’t get a great job done with it if you were a DIYer or a weekend enthusiast. For one the setup is quite in the pro category. And then usability of the omnipro 220 is not for entry-level. This is not a MIG gun you can grow it. Strictly for experts and professionals.

But boy is this made to last. Among other 180amps MIG guns out there, Vulcan pays special attention to the details of their own model. Durability is made possible on the cables and the 10ft hose by designing them with tough material with strain-relief reinforcement to make each resistant to pull and strain. Not your typical gas hose that leaks once stepped on, on the field. The gas nozzle is specially plated from tip inward so you don’t have splatter sticking. We see this as an assurance for the gun’s life extension. Finally the gun handle comes as a high strength impact-resistance firm-grip control you can always count on for maneuverability. Wire feed on 0.02” up to 0.05” wire into the gun. Maintain the same 60% duty cycle on all welds between 180amps to 150amps. The lowest output you get is 50amps.

  • Vulcan omnipro 220 welder, the 200amps STICK holder; this is not a very good STICK holder and we think this is the only place where Lincoln 210 gets its edge. Vulcan omnipro spots a 200amps electrode holder for STICK welding it’s quite disappointing how much power you can get from it in the long run. As recommended by our experts you should only use it for petty welds. You’ll need to get a more serious STICK lead holder for serious STICK welding. Say something like a 300amps for 500amps heavy-duty STICK holder. Other than the power output the Vulcan 200amps electrode holder spots a tight clamping device for spineless and direct current flow to the electrode. The jaw is heavily-insulated against heat and vibration. And finally, the fiberglass handle makes way for easy, firm, and comfortable hold on the electrode.
  • Other included accessories in Vulcan omnipro 220; a standard Argon/CO2 gas flow gauge regulator with flexible hose of 10ft. Another 10ft cable with a work clamp for STICK welder operation is included. And a DINSE connection style is employed in all for tight connection. Just what you need on-site to avoid unwanted disconnection for free unrestrictive movements. On top of it all you get a 0.030” spool of Vulcan flux core wire, 0.030” spool of Vulcan MIG welding wire, and two different power cables. The first one is a 120V input cable of 10ft length with NEMA 5-15P plug. Second is another 10ft cable highly insulated for 240 high voltage and it comes with a NEMA 6-50P plug.

Still can’t decide if this is your welder of choice? See below a list of who should use the Vulcan omnipro.

Should I Use Vulcan Omnipro 220 Welder?

Vulcan OmniPro 220 Multiprocess Welder with 120/240 Volt Input
  • Pipeline fabricators; welding pipelines is no simple task. It sets itself apart from conventional welding. As a pipeline fabricator, you need a welder that does a perfect job with less handling effort. The power output must be high enough for a high-frequency start and a constant output must be maintained to keep the two pipes together. In our Vulcan omnipro 220 welder review, we split-out the parts from soup to nuts. Vulcan omnipro 220 is the welder for the job.
  • Chopshop runners; as a chop shop runners you’re highly intelligent and picky when it comes down to making equipment selection. For your welding operation we recommend Vulcan 220 dual-voltage welder for its toughness and excellent delivery, especially on MIG. We find MIG is the most preferred welding technique in major states in USA.
  • Mechanic/auto repair shop owners; read our Vulcan omnipro 220 welder review again if you run a garage or an auto repair shop. This metal-fryer helps you minimize the budget by putting all your welding needs from MIG welding to TIG welding to STICK welding in one single system. The MIG gun and the TIG tough may be of heavy-duty but they are reasonably light in weight for great under-the-chassis weld with less stress. The nozzle is heavily insulated away from splatter as insurance over your investment. Again the inverter itself won’t take much space in your garage. A great investment for your auto repair business, really.
  • Traveler engineers; as a traveler engineer you’ll be looking for a system that is easy to travel with. Vulcan omnipro 220 inverter technology is designed with travelers in mind to give it a deserving lightweight not common with most heavy-duty multi-purpose welders. Likewise, you don’t want to disappoint your client after traveling over with disappointing equipment. Vulcan 220 is developed to last and withstand handling from every angle. The metal building material of the inverter is tougher than Lincoln 210. Check the Vulcan omnipro 220 welder review in the last heading, this system comes out of the box as a reliable result-giver with no disappointment.

We wouldn’t recommend it to DIYers and hobbyists for a lot of reasons. But if you’ve been in the industry for long and are looking for a powerful metal-frying multi-purpose equipment to keep the weekend practices coming then you’re in for a deal. Looking for a big bang for the buck? Vulcan has gotten a big strides into the 220 series and have put their omnipro model on the front line. Low cost, great offer.


Isn’t it great to have a multi-purpose welder ready for grab on the market at a cost-effective price? Multipurpose welders are great. and obviously every welder would like a cut-back on spending. You reduce the stress of operating three different welders at a time. And the greatest upside is that you create more space in your shop. According to our team of experts, Vulcan omnipro 220 metal-fryer is the best so far in the 220 series. But again we’d like to have your opinion. Did you have a 210 or 220 multipurpose welder in the garage? What have you gotten out of it so far? has it all been professional results? Let’s discuss this in the comment box.


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