Millermatic 141 Review; Yay Or Nay?

For all Miller lovers, Miller never disappoints whenever it comes to good quality welders and plasma cutters that perform as promised. Miller is one of the few most recognized and reputable trustworthy brands of engineer equipment manufacturers. And if you just happen to come across the Millermatic 141 in a friend’s garage and you’re wondering if you should add one to your arsenal, you’re in the right place. Right here, in this honest Millermatic 141 Review, I show you everything you need to know about the MIG welder. I highlight everything that the unit offers, show you a complete list of its features, and finally give you the reasons why and why not to buy this baby. Let’s drill in.

Miller Electric - 951601 - Miller Millermatic 141 MIG Welder, 120 Volts, With M-100 MIG Gun With 10' Leads And Running Gear/Cylinder Rack, ( Each )


You may just have to stop right here if you’re thinking of throwing this system in for your assembly line tasks or other heavy-duty operations. Still here? Great. Millermatic 141 is a light-duty MIG system engineered ground-up with DIY and home-based handymen in mind. It is an ideal welder for your customization, sculpture making, farm tools repair, racing repair, and restoration. If you’re a hobbyist who finds joy in joining metal parts together, this is for you. It offers both self-shielding operations for indoor welding and gas-shielded operations for your outdoor tasks. Again, if you want a portable unit to use in the garage or a backup welder for your auto repair shop, you’ll get more than every last one of your penny back from this unit. It is a quite versatile system that can weld steel, aluminum, and stainless steel with no problem.


Though the Millermatic 141 does not pack much welding capacity, for a 120V unit at that price, this machine outperforms its peers in the same series. You can weld a maximum of 3/16 inches thick steel and aluminum with it and hit smooth arc while operating on various welding currents. For thicker materials, however, you’ll need to make multiple passes for a good welding result. Meanwhile, for your thin gauge sheets, Millermatic delivers efficiently while minimizing power costs. Also, you can expect a downtime of 2 minutes out of every 10 minutes of consistent welding quality when working with this unit since it boasts a duty cycle of 20% @ 90amps. And to speak that it doesn’t eat power by operating at 20A when connected to a direct current source.

Ease Of Use

A lot of functions can be automated with this unit so you can spend time creating beautiful welds. This is a huge benefit for the beginner who is looking to hone in on their creativity and breathe life into their little weekend projects. For one, there’s a QuickSelect drive roll that offers three grooves for different sizes of consumables. Know that there are two different copy of this drive roll built directly into the power system with one dedicated to your flux core wire and the second for your solid core consumables. This feature allows set up to be easier and faster. Another exclusive feature is the Auto spool gun detector that automatically detects when you have a spool loaded correctly unto the gun and initiates your gun for operation so you don’t have to justle around a switch. Most importantly is the Auto-set control, a breakthrough control that automatically sets your welder to the ideal configuration for your operation, this is a bonus for a beginner who doesn’t want to go through through the trouble of working around the parameters. But you can equally switch to the manual mode to be more in control of your setup at the click of a button. And did I mention the smooth-start functionality that integrates a high-end technology for smoother, spatter-free start so you avoid scratching and rubbing?


Speak about being able to weld in multiple positions without having to do the heavy lifting now and then. Millermatic 141 offers an extended gun torch cable of 10ft plus a ground cable of equal length. In other words, you can weld in a position that is 20ft away from your power source with this system. For this reason, I recommend this MIG system to professional welder operators who need easy movement on the field with a light-duty unit. After usage, you can easily fold your cables in one place with the included hook-and-loop cord wrap.


Though not a highly versatile unit as it is quite limiting to in the range of welding currents it offers, Millermatic 141 is a highly portable unit with a lightweight of 51lbs. It is ideal for a traveler welder operator, easy to lift and carry thanks to 2 comfy carrier handles. In the same light, the welder is built with a tough body that withstands all the light knocks you throw at it.

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See the complete features below.

Features of Millermatic 141

  • Maximum welding capacity; 3/16inch
  • Minimum welding capacity; 24-gauge
  • MIG gun length; 10ft
  • Ground cable length; 10ft
  • 2 pieces of contact tips; 0.030inch
  • Duty cycle; 20% @ 90amps
  • Maximum open circuit voltage; 30VDC
  • Wire feed speed; 15RPM to 360RPM
  • Input Hz; 60Hz
  • Input amperage; 20amps
  • Weight; 51lbs
  • Current type; DC (Direct current)
  • Input voltage; 120V
  • Quickselect drive roll
  • Auto spool gun detects
  • Maximum spool capacity; 0.030inch
  • Minimum spool capacity; 0.035inch
  • A lot of functions can be automated
  • Great system for both self-shielded and gas-shielded operations
  • A lightweight unit, easy transport
  • Maximized wire feed speed range
  • Ideal for a splatter-free, smooth arc
  • No scratching or rubbing needed
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Doesn’t eat much power


  • Not recommended for heavy-duty operations
  • May give out a lot of vibration and noise
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It is important that you get all your penny in return in the form of welding performance and accuracy. And for a beginner, your MIG welder must be such that you can grow with and hone in on your MIG creativity. In this post, I have reviewed Millermatic 141 so you can know what to expect from the flux-core cum solid-core welder. Use the comment box if you have an inquiry to make.