Simadre Plasma Cutter Review; Has It Got Balls

You’re a big fan of the low current multi-purpose, plasma cutting units. They let you pay less for more. Besides, having all your gears in one place saves space, and eliminates the transportation hassle. So you’ve heard a lot from friends about the Simadre unit. And you’ve probably read some sponsored Simadre plasma cutter reviews on Amazon without knowing it. If you want a straight, clear background check on this 3-in-1 plasma cutter, you’ve just nailed the right place. Because right here, I tell you all the great things as well as the downsides of this multipurpose machine in 10 minutes. Dive in.

Simadre 80sp Pilot Arc 80amp Plasma Cutter

Plasma Cutting Performance

Simadre Plasma cutter machine is a light-duty, non-hazardous air cutting system for home use and light-duty operations in an auto repair store. It is an ideal system when considering a unit that doesn’t add numbers to your power bills. On plasma cutting, you’re able to slice through ½” pieces of metal sheets at a single pass when you keep it cranked at 50amps on 220V. Adjust it to 110V and you can sever ¾” thick piece of steel sheets at a pass. Make a few more passes on the latter to hit quality cuts. The inverter engine is completely covered, ending you up with a sturdy machine for silent operations.

Air filter and a hose is included for your air compressor. Just make sure your 10-gallon air compressor is consistent with a stable 75psi air pressure delivery or the cutter will act out. Going over this pressure will leak the gas hose quickly. And setting up a lower pressure will fluctuate welding capacity, ending you up with low-quality cuts. By the way, this unit won’t work if you try it on an air-compressor lesser than 10-gallon.


For your first use, a set of consumables are available in the package. 3 pieces of nozzles and a ceramic shielding cup are also included. But here’s where the downside is. Simadre Plasma cutter burns consumables faster than its multi-process counterparts of the same amperage. But you can’t possibly beat the price. Another downside is, you can’t make a no-touch arc as the gun is not a pilot arch.

For your low current cuts, you get a 100% duty cycle at 30amps. This makes the unit more ideal for plasma cutting beginners who are new to the game. On the other hand, you tap into an industrial, duty cycle of 60% when you ramp up current to 50amps max.

Special Note; if you don’t know how to set up a plasma cutter, the user’s manual that comes with this unit is quite unreliable. You may need someone, or learn how to set up a plasma cutter to hook this machine out of the box. Also, since this unit comes with a 30amps torch, a 50amps or a 60amps can be a better replacement and it won’t act out if you use any of the two.

TIG Welding Performance

Before going about everything great about the TIG welding performance of this unit, here’s what you should know. The TIG functionality is DC. As expected, this means that you can’t TIG weld aluminum with it. That aside, Simadre is a high-performance TIG welder for the thinner-gauges steel. You can drop smooth beads around the neck of a bike frame for customization that lasts. But this isn’t the limit. Welding farm equipment and tools for repair and maintenance with this machine also achieve solid tungsten welds. If you’re confused about the TIG weld settings, you may look up the welding chart at the back of the power inverter.

Simadre 80sp Pilot Arc 80amp Plasma Cutter

The pre-flow, post-flow, and downslope are steady and stable, highly responsive to both hand torch and remote pedal control. And the flow meter shows exactly what your gas flow is so you don’t get on the wrong air pressure for the job. A heads-up, though. You can hook the TIG gun up with your 1/16” tungsten electrode, the thoriated type, and make deep penetration on 30amps to 80amps with no hassle. It doesn’t eat tungsten consumables as it does on plasma.

Special note; overall, this is a great machine for TIG welding processes on steel as it won’t do aluminum. Also, the unit doesn’t come with a remote control foot pedal. So, get ready to buy one or use one of your old pairs.

ARC Welding Performance

For your STICK welding operation, the Simadre plasma cutter features a 200amps max welding current capacity. You’re able to weld mild steel and stainless steel, no problem, as long as you stick to between 6011 and 7014 rods. If you’ve ever used any of the old pound buzz boxes and liked the experience, you’re definitely going to fall in love with this one. You can buy a couple of seconds of post-flow by letting go of the trigger when you near weld ends. The arc automatically ramps down, then gives you that post-flow free time. But if you can’t keep up with the timing on the trigger, you may just be as good with a control foot pedal.

Special note; overall, the STICK  performance of this machine is great to weld both thick and thin-gauge stainless steel and mild steel. Most ideal for STICK beginners who can’t quite well operate foot pedals. Nonetheless, you will spend an extra to get a control pedal for this function as an expert.


Simadre plasma cutter is steel-built to withstand the everyday knocks from the continuous movement of it in and out of the garage. It is then coated in a sleek, red paint that lets it look good on the cart or the shelf. The control panel built unto the rear side of the inverter is intuitive for first-time plasma cutter/welder operators. Each of the 3 ports for STICK, plasma, and TIG guns are identified with recognizable icons. An extra port for gas and another for pedal are also set apart. Special rotary knobs, one for each, are dedicated to pre-flow, pos-flow, and downslope. Also, you can stay ahead of your gas flow right on the airflow gauge. A rotary know is also dedicated to current adjustment for all processes and you can see your adjustments on the current meter.


Simadre Plasma cutter is a lightweight 3-in-1 unit for hassle-free mobility. You can mount it up with the included mount bracket when not in use. Or when welding on a ladder. The manufacturer didn’t point this out but I think it can be used on a plasma table. For a traveler plasma cutter operator, tagging 3 machines along in one portable place is your dream. Simadre plasma cutter fulfills that with comfy, grip-handle to lift it around with. Equally, the adjustable, removable strappings allow you to sling it on your shoulder in an inverter bag. Finally, storing it up after use won’t demand much space unlike most of the bulky 50amps series members.

Simadre 80sp Pilot Arc 80amp Plasma Cutter

See the complete features below.

Features Simadre Plasma Cutter


  • Application processes; Plasma cutting/DC TIG/DC ARC


  • Plasma output power; 50amps
  • TIG output power; 15-200amps
  • ARC output power; 15-200amps
  • Plasma torch; 6ft
  • TIG gun; 6ft
  • Arc holder; 6ft
  • Pre-flow/post-flow/down-slope
  • Inverter type; 110/120V dual-voltage
  • Plasma cutting capacity; ½” to ¾”
  • Ground cable and ground clamp
  • Ceramic cap
  • 3 pieces of nozzles
  • Plasma cutting duty cycle 1; 100% @ 30amps
  • Plasma cutting duty cycle 2; 60% @ 50amps
  • Plasma torch type; 30amps (works with 50amps and 60amps)
  • Current meter
  • Airflow gauge
  • Plug; NEMA-6-50P
  • 1-year warranty
  • Steel built inverter



Pros Simadre Plasma Cutter


  • Bang for buck


  • Dual voltage unit can be used anywhere
  • Deep weld pool on TIG
  • Accurate arc control on STICK
  • Clean plasma cutting result
  • High plasma performance
  • Silent operation
  • Doesn’t use much power
  • Lightweight unit
  • Easy to move with comfy-handle and mount bracket
  • Sleek red painting
  • Air-cooling fans secure your investment
  • Low price but great offers



Cons of Simadre Plasma Cutter


  • Doesn’t come with foot pedal control
  • User’s manual is a joke


A short guide below on how to chose a plasma cutter.

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How To Choose A Plasma Cutter


  • Cutting capacity; what is the maximum thickness of the materials you cut? And what is the thinness? Answering those questions allows you to choose a plasma cutter you won’t regret.


  • Current amperage; this depends on your needs. If you’re a hobbyist wanting to buy a plasma cutter to use at home, a low amperage model will be better. For heavy-duty cutting, you’ll need something above 50amps.


  • Weight; if you want to make your cutter static in the shop, then a bulky unit will stop the boys from pushing your investment around. Otherwise, especially for a traveler cutter operator, a lightweight model is the best.
  • Duty cycle; 60% at high current is the industrial, duty cycle. On the flip side, as a beginner, you want a duty cycle that gives you more time to grow your skills steadily.
  • Versatility; having your plasma cutter perform other functions, such as TIG and ARC welding is just as important.




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Most Simadreplasma cutter reviews out there are biased and confusing. I have therefore endeavored to show you everything, both the good and bad, about this 3-in-1 unit. Is there anything you’d like to call me back to? Use the comment box.