Miller Multimatic 215 Review

No matter your expertise in welding; professional or amateur, the Miller Multimatic 215 is the real deal. It has been well received because of its ease of use. It is arguably the best welding tool you can ever wish for. The Multimatic 215 is a versatile and dynamic welding machine that blends multiple welding processes. In simple terms, it is an all-in-one welding machine that easily connects with 120-240 voltage of power. 

It is an all in one unit multipurpose welding machine, it works for TIG, MIG, flux-cored and sticks welding process, even with all these several welding processes it is quite affordable.

Miller 951674 Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder with TIG Kit

The Miller Multimatic 215 is very easy to use and understand when welding you only need to swap over the necessary mode on the machine that suits the type of welding you want to do, it has a multi-voltage plug that makes it very versatile to use on the different welding process it can work on.

It is a perfect welding machine suitable for both beginners and professionals.


  • The Multimatic 215 itself. 
  • 6.5-foot power cord and 120V and 240V adapters
  • 10-foot M-100 MIG gun and cable assembly 
  • 13-foot cable electrode holder with a 25 mm Dinse-style connector. 
  • 10-foot work cable with a clamp and 25 mm Dinse-style connector
  • You will find both Argon and AR/CO2 mix regulator/flow gauges with a hose, 
  • Spool of Hobart.
  • 030-inch solid wire, and two contact tips for the wire, as well. 
  • Replaceable protective LED screen cover
  • User manual

Additionally, the Quick Select drive roll for .024 inch- or .030-inch solid wire, and for .030/.035 flux-cored wire is included along with the material thickness gauge #229895, and hook-and-loop cord wraps.


  • Height – 12.5 in. (317 mm)
  • Length – 20.5 in. (520 mm)
  • Width – 11.25 in. (285 mm)
  • Welding Processes – Flux Cored (FCAW), MIG (GMAW), Stick (SMAW) and TIG DC (GTAW-DC)
  • Product Weight – 38bs/17.2KG

The Miller Multimatic 215 is different from other welding machines, it has the ability to reduce noise, energy level, and particles pulled into the engine. This is thanks to the Fan-on-Demand cooling system. Also is the presence of two gas connections that allow for TIG and MIG welding. What makes it so amazing is that it eliminates the need to switch between the TIG and MIG welding. Apparently, it has an Auto Spool Gun that automatically detects when a MIG Gun or any spool gun is connected. 

Another impressive thing about the Miller Multimatic 215 is that you can easily switch between the modes of the different welding options it is capable of providing, it is quite simple and easy to use.

The Miller Multimatic 215 has the capacity to run on 120v and 240v, and with its multi-voltage plug, you can easily switch the power input without using any configuration tools and it also comes alongside with a cooling system designed for the power source when needed, this cooling fan system helps to reduce the noise it makes when welding and it also reduces the number of contaminants that gets into the unit when in use, this also makes the system more energy efficient.

The Miller Multimatic runs really smooth, it has a smooth start technology especially for MIG welding when it is on it starts by first starting to operate on a slow speed then picking up to run normally with less splatter and a smoother arc.

When it comes to welding, this Miller Multimatic 215 can weld mild steel as much as up to three-eights of an inch, it can also weld aluminum.

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How to make use of the Miller Multimatic 215

The Miller Multimatic 215 comes with an easy to read the User manual for easy welding setup and configuration that is quite easy to understand, it however also comes with a digital interface that makes it easy for you to set up the welding machine. Right by the side door of this miller multipurpose welder it allows easy access to the wire pool and allows adjustment for friction on the wire feed. Before welding always make sure to wear an appropriate welding helmet

Step one

Flip on the switch right by the rear of the machine, to be sure it is on making sure you can see the interface light up after flipping the switch, you would also know it’s on when the welding machine hums.

Step two

Select your welding process easily with the two up and down arrow buttons. You can also use the + and – button to change the wire thickness and you can also decide to trim your volt to what you want.

Step three

Run the wire out of the torch and then try and trim the stick out, make sure it is not too long or too short

Step four

You can easily switch between the TIG and MIG processes, you can do this by removing the MIG torch lead from + and moving the ground clamp to + then plug the TIG torch lead into the – side then put on the 100 % Agon tank, then you’re good to go, the same thing goes for switching between Arc welding and stick welding.


  • It is portable and doesn’t occupy too much space
  • It functions as a multipurpose welding machine
  • It is lightweight
  • Very clear display
  • Has a great power output to weld very thick materials
  • Ability to easily switch from one welding process to another


  • It is quite pricey
  • When it comes to welding aluminum you would need to get an optional spool gun

With its auto-set elite feature, you can easily set the parameters for the welding application you want to work on, you can also do this when setting up the system.

Asides all these amazing features the Miller Multimatic 215 also comes with an angle drive system that lets you quickly select and switch between the flux-cored wire and the two different solid wire it comes with, it has a quick-select drive roll for you to easily do this at your convenience.

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If you are in search of a welding machine that can function so well for different welding process without you buying different separate welding machine for each type of welding you want to do, the Miller Multimatic 215 is definitely your go-to welding, machine for this purpose. The Miller Multimatic 215 is definitely a great welding machine choice you should go for.