Where To Buy Scrap Metal For Welding

Scrap metals are any metallic product that can either be in the form of iron, steel, aluminum, gold, lead copper or brass, these metals are often recycled and sold for people who need it. In essence, scrap metal is the combination of waste metallic material and products that can be recycled from previous use or products when manufacturing. Scrap metal can be refashioned to be used in many ways.

Scrap metal has a high market value and they can originate from both residential, industrial, and commercial use and can be smelted into a brand new use. For example, you can have different scraps of metal lying around you like copper, brass, stainless steel, or aluminum, so instead of disposing of them you can smelt them and as a welder, you would need these. Scrap iron and aluminum metals are mostly used in the construction industry for projects such as bridges, and even roads, scrap metals are also used for manufacturing vehicles and even aircraft, and other kinds of things.

Most of the containers we see around these days are made from scrap metal materials. All the way to even appliance parts, they can be made from scrap metal for various components. 

As a welder, you would need lots of scrap metals for your welding projects more reason why you have to get a reliable source for it and it is not a must you focus just on one source you have to make various research and inquiries on different places you can get them from and this is why we have already helped in making those research to make it easier for you to find and get them at various places and at the cheapest price you can get.

Where To Buy Scrap Metal For Welding

There are various places to get where to buy scrap metal for welding from, there are various ideas on when and how to find scrap metals for any welding job. There are multiple places with a different kind of business to get various scrap of welding materials from. With the listed sources below, you can find lots of resources that you would like and even take as a consistent supplier of scrap metals you need for years to come.

  • Small or/and local businesses
  • Hospital and medical clinics
  • Metal fabrication shop
  • Junk or Antique shops and flea markets
  • Industrial areas and commercial sites
  • Contractors and Construction sites
  • Finding free scrap metal online – Craigslist and OfferUp
  • Dumpsters 
  • Trade and technical school
  • Shooting range
  • Demolition sites
  1. Small or/and local businesses

Go to any local and small business like auto repair shops or local small engine repair shops, the reason is that going to big and well-known corporations won’t get you the deal you want when it comes to opportunities, you can get the same type of scrap material at a big corporation for a little or no price in small owned businesses especially local businesses, they are like a gold mine when it comes to collecting, getting, storing and selling scrap metals. They have all kinds of different leftovers in all sizes and shapes They usually sell such scraps metals at a low price and from new to used.

But it is advisable to first build a rapport with them, strike an acquaintance and friendship with them in a polite way that would let them give you more attention and cooperation. You can start by asking them questions about their business when they started, why they started this business, how they started it if things are going smoothly and how long they’ve been running the business, just try and be polite as possible when asking these questions.

Then most importantly you have to ask if they currently have to remove and buy their scrap metal from them and ask if they are getting paid for it or not. Then you can politely put it to them about your interest in helping them take out their scrap metal for free at absolutely no cost and save them time, effort, and money free of charge, try not to sound desperate when asking if they are open to this idea and proposal.

  1. Hospital and medical clinics

These are great places to get scrap metals, they have a huge collection and tons of unwanted metal scraps like broken bed frames, wheelchairs, and used equipment you are most definitely going to find high-quality scraps in this place. But meeting the right person to get access to these things is the main issue here, you can, however, try to find the administrator running the place and also try to build a friendly relationship after scheduling an appointment.

When you meet with the administrator you can start by asking how they run things in the hospital, then how they get rid of their junks and scrap metal and if there is a way you can help them get rid of it, at this point, you try to convince them on how you can help them get rid of it at no cost and how you wouldn’t mind helping them remove any scrap metal.

  1. Metal fabrication shop

Most metal fabrication shops like welding shops usually buy scraps of all kinds ranging from new to used. Asides welding shops there are also some shops that melt metal and reshape them into something else to make them still useful. They, however, have some they might not be able to reuse so you can get these pieces for free.

  1. Junk or Antique shops and flea markets

You can find lots of other materials for your welding projects here, it can, however, be difficult to find scrap metals in this place but you can get a good bargain for them. You can find random pieces of scrap metal lying around and you can even get to buy high-quality metal at a very low price if you are resourceful enough you can get them at a very good deal.

  1. Industrial areas and commercial sites

You can try as much as possible to locate commercial sites, warehouse and manufacturing facilities, most times they have scrap metals lying around. When you see places of lots of buildings, developments and construction going on this is a very big deal when it comes to scrap metals if you keep going to the site throughout the various phases of construction, you are bound to find lots of scrap metals for your welding projects like copper, black iron, steel. You also have to ask them politely and if they don’t need the metals and can give it to you for free. However, places like these you need to be extra careful when it comes to your health and safety, so you have to take safety precautions when searching for the scrap metals in sites like this.

  1. Contractors and Construction sites

You also have to be extra careful in places like this because you would find lots of scraps of metals lying around. You get to see residential and commercial buildings being built throughout the year in various places around you before you can start picking them however you have to talk to the contractor on the ground that is in charge of the site, once you have the foreman approval you can also talk to the other workers about picking up this scrap metals, this would make your work easy so that when they see any scrap metal lying around they call your attention to it.

You can also get in touch with contractors like plumbers, roofers, and HVAC repair contractors, you can get high-quality scrap metals. You can offer them your free services of scrap removal just for you to get the metals in return, you can be lucky to get sheet metals, pipes, copper pipes, steel, and so on and you might even have access to large pieces of metals.

  1. Finding free scrap metal online – Craigslist and OfferUp

The internet has made most things easy. You can easily search for places to get scrap metals on the internet. With Craigslist and OfferUp and even Facebook marketplace, you can be sure to get scrap metals and anything you need for your welding projects from people’s yard and garages at a reasonable price you just has to be posting as much as possible to attract people interested in selling them or dispose of scrap metals.

When posting you have to point out the type of scraps you want like appliances, auto parts, bed frames, you can even get larger pieces of metals like a washing machine. One thing about getting scraps from online sites is that you have to be ready to go pick them up as soon as possible, as they won’t like such things lying around fro a long time, and of course you won’t want someone else beat you to it.

  1. Dumpsters

When it comes to getting scrap metals you have to be ready to get dirty in some cases, like getting scraps from dumpsters, this is actually one of the best places to get various and lots of scrap metals as many people don’t know the importance so they throw it away.

You can also go to your local dump and talk to the dump workers there and convince them to let you take large pieces once in a while, it also depends on their rules and regulations, while some might give you for free, some might come at a price. You should also ask the dump workers there about the companies that drop-off most of the scrap metal, for you to know if it is worth your contacting them. After contacting them, this way you can save the company from going to the dump if you go to their location to pick them up.

  1. Shooting ranges

You can get lots of casing, shells, and steel of any size, shape, and colors here for your welding projects, you can get them totally free or at a very cheap cost. You have to contact your local shooting range ahead be it public or private, try to find as much as possible, you can offer them a bit of your help, ask them if they need someone to dispose of their discharged casing, cartridges and shells for free. This range will help a lot when you need little metal for a welding project. Try and contact as many shooting ranges as possible.

  1. Trade and technical school

These places are great ideas for welding scrap metals needs, and when you need welding ideas as a beginner they are helpful for professional trades like welding. They also provide some advice on how you can get welding scrap metals from there.

  1. Demolition sites

Take note of demolition sites around you, they are always a great source of scrap metal, this way you will help yourself and your environment also as you would be doing a favor to your environment by getting them for free and reusing them. When buildings are demolished so many different and lots of scrap metals can be found at the site and you can get them at cheap prices. Again like any construction site you have to contact the foreman or the person in charge and try and explain what you need the salvaged scrap metals for, you can also talk to heavy equipment operators, this way you can get large pieces of metal when they are pulling down the structure of the buildings, they can get you perfect scrap material for welding such as piping, beams and so on. 


Before getting any scrap metal for your welding business it is important to know what you are looking for because scrap metal is less expensive to manufacturers in general, it is a sought-after commodity by a number of different industries. You need to keep your eyes out for basic items like metal cages, appliances, nuts, and bolts, piping, and auto parts. There are endless places on where to get scrap materials from asides the above-listed places, you can also get from farms, yard, and garage sales, metal recycle yards, and so on.


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