How to Wire Welder

It is a common perception that welding is generally a difficult job and it takes many years to master the art. Looking at the nature of the job, it is very easy to go with the argument, but the truth of the matter, however, is that it is a false conception and therefore not incorrect in all its entirety.

Although there might be a few difficult tasks in the work a beginner can easily become good at welding when they start from the most simple one. Generally, what is believed to be a very simple form of welding is wire welding or wire-feed welding. This is because the process is semi-automated, so it is much simpler to weld than many other welding forms. As for wire welding, you have the chance to go for Mig welding or flux-core welding. 

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Wire-feed welders employ the use of a ceaseless wire electrode on a spool. Most times, the rollers that are found in the welder run by the motor feed the wire at the same speed through the electrode holder is seen as the gun. Wire welders were developed to expand the rate of production by eliminating the need to pause in order to change the fried electrode. 

In comparison to others such as stick welding, wire welders are a lot simpler to use than stick welders. You need to pay some attention to the size of your arc when doing stick welding. As for wire welding, it is the length of wire that comes out at the end of your copper welding tip toward the end of your welding gun that you need to observe. 

What might encourage a newbie to leave the arc on the joint is the argument that asks whether it is better to pull or push the gun when you are welding with a wire welder. It might be better to pull it instead because you are able to see below the gun in the direction of where the gun is welding.

Also, there is more light so you are able to see the unwelded parts to know where else to move your gun. The pull technique works well if the sun does not come from your back else, you might not be able to see anything because your helmet might get very bright. You need constant practice from time to time if you want to keep the arc on the joint line. However, you can check your welder’s manual for more details. 

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How to Wire Feed Welder

Turn on your wire welder and let it run for a moment or two before you start to weld. Most times, you can use your wire feed welder to join little pieces together out with a tack or a spot. It is very simple to place the gun at the specific spot where you want to put the weld and pull the welding hood down.

You can buy an auto-darkening welding helmet for this because it will be of huge assistance and justify the cost well enough. After a while, the hole in the tip will wear out and it will be difficult to know precisely where the wire will hit the metal when the trigger is pulled. In the long run, there is the tendency it gets some issues, later on, because the welding wire is designed to have a bend in it from being when it is rolled on the spool.

In any case, whenever you discover that the wire is becoming difficult to predict where it will strike the metal, then you should know that the time has come to change the copper tip. And if you want to be certain that your weld has penetrated deeply and is not a cold weld, that is to say, a weld material that was placed over the parent metal without a tight joining, try to search for blue stains in the parent metal on the two left and right sides of the weld to will show that your weld had a better penetration. 

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If your welder is a new one, A small manual that talks about safety, some information about the mechanical operation of the welder, and a couple of essential welding strategies to kick you off. The best weldors do the welding practically every day. In a situation where you already know how to weld, and you have not welded for some time, Then it is a smart thought to do some weld practicing before you start to do any tangible weld you want to be done well. 

However, if it is the case that you purchase a pre-owned welder, and it does not come with any manual, then you can just browse a manual for it online and download it and if you can not find the exact one you can also get the manual for a machine that is almost very similar. There are numerous bits of easily accessible assistance for anyone who needs to figure out how to weld. There are some in the text format(either on paper or electronic ) while others are in tutorial videos. 

Mig Welder

As for Mig welder, they are very much expensive than the flux core welders since they are designed with a gauge for maintaining the gas stream covering, a little cylinder tube beside the gun liner for conveying the gas to the gun, and a solenoid valve to operate and shut the gas stream when the welding arc starts and stops. And there is the cost of the steel bottle and gas to hold it.

Mig welders can be converted to do flux core welding operations, but this is not the same for flux core because can not be used to fulfill Mig welds. One of the benefits of Mig welders is that finishing has better penetration and smoother appearance. Also, the Mig welding operations offer tidy clean up after welding. However, if you have got your workshop outside, the gas that covers Mig welds could be carried away in strong winds, even before it performs its function. 

When performing Mig welding you need to make the weld area of your steel as clean as possible. This is not, however, the same for flux core welders because they are able to go through impure or not so clean surfaces and you would still get a decent weld.

This means you can successfully carry out your flux core welding outside in windy situations. And you can even start a new weld without chipping off the burning end if you are using the flux core welding, however, there may be some situations where arc will not start without you cutting the wire end before making a new weld. 

When it comes to Mig welder, we are referring to a wire welder that shields the fresh weld from coming in contact with the oxygen in the environment by housing the weld area with a latent gas continuously. Because the weld will get weakened and porous when that oxygen gets in touch with the hot new weld. 

Usually, the light and the heat that is produced during andy Mig welding operation is usually very dangerous so there are quite a few things that you have to take into consideration when using the Mig welder. 

First, you need to understand that the light that comes out of your arc is very bright enough to cause much damage to your skin and eyes if you don’t get the appropriate mask to protect yourself with it. So you need a welding helmet or mask to protect your eyes. In fact, it is advisable if you can get the right cash to purchase the auto-darkening welding mask.

They are worth every penny you spend on it and they would go a long way to make your welding operation a smooth one especially if you are someone who is planning to make welding more than a hobby. However, you may just go for the manual mask if you are trying to save costs.

But you need to know that unlike auto-darkening helmets, you would need to hold your mask down into position with a free hand. So it affords you the use of your two hands to weld. Also, there are many more functions that assist you in adjusting properly to the spectrum of the environment where you are welding. 

You need leathers and gloves that will shield you from any liquid metal that might splash off from your weld piece. As for Mig welding, you can use thick or thin gloves, it all depends on your choice and whatever you are cool with. When you have got your safety leathers in place they will shield you properly from heat, and more importantly, they will eliminate any possibility of the UV light that comes from your welding arc in harming or burning you. So it is better to use thick safety gloves especially if your welding operation will be taking a longer duration. 

And more importantly, it is safer when you choose a cotton material to wear under your leather gear. This is because other materials such as nylon or polyester tend to melt fast when they are hit by the hot liquid metal. So you might get some burns in consequence. This is however different when you wear cotton material. All the possibility of getting an injury is eliminated. 

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For your shoes, you should never consider welding with half-open or meshed shoes that will not cover your feet properly. It is a bad idea because there is every tendency that hot weld pieces of metal will fall to the ground and burn through your shoes. Plastic shoes might also be disastrous and flammable in such situations. So what is the perfect gear for you, in essence, are thick leather boots that will protect you whenever any hazardous incident as such happens.  

And it is better to choose an open space that is well ventilated whenever you want to do your welding. This is because harmful smokes that should never come near the nose are produced during welding so it is better to wear a respirator on your mask if you will be welding for a long time and you do not have the luxury of welding in an open space. 

Flux-core Welders

As for flux-core welders, they come with a much thinner wire electrode that comes with a chemical powder in the middle. It is this powder melts and streams to cover the weld in order to shield the new weld from oxygen. The solidified coating is seen as the slag. After the weld gets cool, you can brush it away or chip it off, it all depends on how thick it is. 

And flux core welding operations produce a lot of smoke from the welders which may increase the darkness around and hence disturb visibility, but you can get a little fan, close by that will clear the smoke away in order to see where you are welding more clearly. And, some may put down a guide for their hand to follow. The guide may be a bit of a board with about one-inch thickness. You can use the heel of your hand to give a straight line guide to follow the seam you want to be weld. 


For newbies, welding might not be fun during the first few operations. Some might even get discouraged when it becomes more difficult. This is why it is always better to start with the simple form when welding. And what could be as simple as the wire feed welding? Wire welding is very easy and requires a little time to master than other forms. With wire welding, it might be better to choose Mig welding since it is a bit easier to master than the flux core welding. Also, it offers much cleaner operations that the flux core welding. However, the flux core welding is also easy to weld, and more interestingly, it offers almost not much difficulty as Mig welding. 


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