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You are smart with your metalwork business. You are always on the watch for top equipment to advance your business operations with and scale production. Efficiency, accuracy, speed, and of course, customer satisfaction are your watchwords. You being here right now is proof of all of that. Having firsthand experience with several top milling machines and frontline lathe systems you’ve finally thought it out to bring the two operations in one place. With fewer machines to operate you’re able to condense concentration unto a single machine type. Find your best lathe mill combo machine from our listing to hit your targets all the time. Right here, we;

  •         Review best lathe mill combo systems for you
  •         List the complete features of each reviewed systems
  •         Show you how to make a blameless purchase on lathe mill combination systems

So let’s take you down the whole thing towards improving your business’ productivity so you can keep winning hearts with your customers.

Best Lathe Mill Combo Review

Our top of the list machine goes to…

  1. OTMT Combination Lathe-Model OT25531

The OTMT combination is another synonym for efficiency and portability. For your small-scale metalwork ventures, the Lathe model OT25531 brings the power of drilling/milling and lathe in a portable machine. Free-up more space in your shop to put some other important equipment in while still getting quality workmanship with high convenience. Set the turning speed you need for a perfect job on the simple but responsive configuration panel without having to look into the user’s manual. And speaking of the user’s manual it explains everything you need from soup to nuts for setting up your mill/lathe system and getting up and running.

OTMT Combination Lathe - Model: OT25531

Chop off metals and carve the shape you want from large workpieces on the tough smooth 18.7” × 6.3” table. Start off every shaping by attaching the workpiece firmly unto the lathe with the aid of dedicated high tight-tolerance security clamps. Proceed to the flexible start switch while adjusting between 120-300RPM depending on the metal thickness and design you’re working for. Drill perfect holes without leaving much prepping job for the finishing guy. We believe this the best lathe mill combo for your team when you consider space, convenience, and smart operation over tight-budget. Needless to say, this may not be ideal for DIYers and enthusiasts. See the full details below.


  •         Table size; 18.7” × 6.3”
  •         Drilling and milling spindle taper; R8
  •         Center to center distance; 19.68”
  •         Automatic feeding
  •         Automatic feeding cross-range; 0.002”-0.014”
  •         Automatic feeding longitudinal range; 0.002”-0.014”
  •         Step off-speed; 16RPM
  •         Drill/mill operation motor; 3/4HP
  •         Lathe motor; 3/4HP
  •         Speed range; 120-3000RPM
  •         Drilling capacity; 0.86”
  •         Face milling capacity; 3.14”
  •         End milling capacity; 1.10”
  •         Maximum cross travel; 7.875”
  •         Maximum longitudinal travel; 17.32”
  •         Spindle hole diameter; 1.10”
  •         Spindle taper; MT14/R8
  •         Spindle travel; 4.33”
  •         Dimension; 57.5” × 22.8” × 38”
  •         Weight; 616pounds
  •         Tight security clamps for zero wobble
  •         High control over the operation
  •         Great drilling depth and massive capacity
  •         Fine drill result
  •         Best lathe mill combo for metalwork businesses
  •         Powerful separate motors for drill and lathe
  •         Extended speed
  •         Portable heavy-duty machine
  •         More exclusive options
  •         Easy to setup and maintain
  •         Explanatory manual for use and installation 
  •         Big budget range combo equipment
  •         May be too heavy for DIYers
  1. Shop Fox M1018 Combo Lathe/Mill

To make the balance this Shop Fox M1018 combo lathe/mill finds a place on our list for DIYers and entry-level mechanists looking to hone in on their skills. With this system, you have all the new project tricks and design tips to catch up on your favorite YouTube DIYer channel. Make consistent turning of the workpiece at considerable speed for small projects. Cut smooth perfect threads through the metal of low thickness. Drill deep holes through mild steel to fix joints. Mill through small projects as a beginner and get professional results. Shop Fox M1018 is the single-phase medium combo equipment for your tinee-tiny projects.

Shop Fox M1018 Combo Lathe/Mill

For the most part, this system has greater control potential for your practices. The carriage of the automatic feed is easy to push forth and back along the lead screw by just dragging the longitudinal hand crank. Likewise the feed power, you simply feed the bits unto the holder and push it forth and back with less effort. You may also move the graduated dial away from the hand crank to zone in on settings before drilling. And once your bit touches the workpiece you receive a signal that lets you know the precise location and movements of your drill. To widen control options a manual cross slide hand-wheel with dedicated dial is included alongside a compound slide for both smooth linear and angle adjustment of tools. The icing on the cake is a turret pool post where you get to attach up to 4 pieces of ½” tools. A great way to save stress and time as you no longer have to load tools now and then. Just loosen up the swerve of a tool when you’re done with it and rotate the turret pool to the next tool till the 4 are used up.


  •         Drill speed; 117-1300RPM
  •         Lathe speed range; 160-1360RPM
  •         Thread range; 27” at 8-120TPI
  •         Swing; 12”
  •         Drawbar thread; 3/8”-16”
  •         Drilling capacity; 7/8” steel
  •         Drill chunk taper; MT3
  •         Spindle travel; 3-1/2”
  •         Spindle bore; ¾”
  •         Swing over bed range; 16-1/2”
  •         Swing over saddle; 11-1/2”
  •         Center to center distance; 19-1/4”
  •         Maximum cross slide travel; 4-1/2”
  •         Automatic carriage travel; 14-3/4”
  •         Compound travel; 3”
  •         Motor type; single-phase 3/4HP 110v
  •         Bed width; 5-1/2”
  •         Jaw chuck; 4” 3 pieces
  •         Longitudinal feed range; 0.002-0.0069” at 8
  •         Overall weight; 478lbs
  •         Dimension; 41 × 37.5 × 23.5”
  •         Best lathe mill combo for DIYers and beginners
  •         Rugged design with full attention to details
  •         Cutting edge technology
  •         Compact design made to last
  •         Perfect metal gear, not plastic
  •         Automatic and manual feed
  •         Good control
  •         Turret tool post to beat time and cut-back on stress
  •         Ready to use right out the box
  •         Works great on alloy, aluminum, and steel 
  •         Heavy than most industrial models
  1. Proxxon 34104 Mill/Drill Head PF 230 with Lathe

Want something of the small size category? Chances are when your budget is stiff it’s almost impossible to put quality in the cart. Agree with that but want to get around with it? No worries. The Proxxon 34104 makes sure you don’t miss out on any of the main features of a great lathe mill combo machine. Though some features are folded together in a single place. Such is the lathe device which also serves as the operation table. But still this is the best lathe mill combo below 900 bucks in as much as the manufacturer manages to not leave any basic feature out.

Proxxon 34104 Mill/ Drill Head PF 230, 1.38 X 15.75-Inches

Take it out of the box and single-handedly carry the Proxxon 34104 into your DIY work station. Who enjoys setting equipment up before using one? Proxxon 34104 comes ready to use and it won’t eat up space wherever you put it. Prefer the coolness that ties in with outdoor carving, drilling, and milling? Get out there and win the admiration of onlookers as the sunlight illuminate your crafts. Carry it along when travelling over to meet your DIYer friends. Did we mention there are 3 included collets?

 Our verdict. This is a fantastic mix of drill/mill opportunities for such low budget. Nevertheless you’d rather check our last recommendation if you’re looking for a more elaborate DIY lathe mill combo.


  •         Speed range; 280-2200RPM
  •         Travel axis; X-Y longitudinal and cross-section
  •         Dual voltage system; 110-120v
  •         Table dimension; 4-5/16” × 2-3/4”
  •         Mill/drill head size; 1-3/8” × 15-3/4”
  •         Lathe type; PD230/E 34004
  •         Tool slots; 3T 15/32” × 15/64” × 15/64”
  •         Collets sizes; 15/64”, 25/64”, and 5/16”
  •         Weight; 17.75pounds
  •         Dimension; 20.8” × 11.5” × 8.8”
  •         Design material; metal
  •         Best lathe mill combo machine head at the lowest price
  •         Excellent drill and mill result for DIYers
  •         3 free collets
  •         Great engineering design quality
  •         Traveler engineer’s choice
  •         Easy to use and store away
  •         Great delivery on small projects
  •         Maybe restrictive 
  1. Grizzly Industry G9729 31” 3/4HP Combo Lathe Mill

Okay before we round things off with one more DIYers’ here is another best lathe mill combo for your shop. The Grizzly industry G9729 is a piece of heavy-duty equipment for fast and reliable solutions to your customers. The intuitive configuration platform puts even the novice member of the team at the cutting edge. Inbuilt milling table to spread more workpieces on, tough build material for high weight capacity, and the smooth surface won’t leave a dent on the workpiece. Most fast and easy carriage movements made possible with the latest magnetic control over the lead screw path. No special need for greasing or oiling. Just flick the flexible switch, either on the reverse or forward, to automatically change the carriage position.

KKmoon Mini Metal Lathe DIY 6 in 1 Multi-functional Motorized Transformer Multipurpose Machine Jigsaw Grinder Driller Plastic Wood Lathe Drilling Sanding Turning Milling Sawing Machine Tool Kit

Grizzly dedicates a powerful separate motor to the mill for an extended and improved drill speed on the drill/mill option. Then another special motor is tightly fixed for an upgraded lathe operation to take lathe result to the peak. Say goodbye to the stress in loading tools all the time with the always-in-position turret post for up to 4 tools, easy to rotate and position new tool points on workpiece.

Overall Grizzly G9729 is a combination of strength, control, efficiency, and power. Everything you need to seal big deals with confidence as a serious metalworker. See complete specs, pros, and cons below.


  •         Mill/drill speed; 120-1500RPM
  •         Lathe speed; 175-1425RPM
  •         Center to center distance; 31”
  •         Swing over bed; 16-1/2”
  •         Swing over cross-slide; 11-1/2”
  •         Spindle type; 4 bolts intrinsic
  •         Spindle nose taper number; MT4
  •         Spindle bore; 1-1/8”
  •         Drawbar; 3/8” × 16TPI
  •         Tailstock barrel taper; MT3
  •         Tailstock travel; 2-1/2”
  •         Jaw chuck; 3 pieces of 5”
  •         Thread range; 4-120TPI
  •         Turret tool post; 4 positions
  •         Thread dial indicator included
  •         Up to 16 spindle rate for drill
  •         Up to 7 spindle rate for lathe
  •         Overall weight; 692pounds
  •         Dimension; 23 × 57 × 44”
  •         Intuitive control platform
  •         Extended speed rate for drill/mill
  •         Extended lathe speed rate
  •         Heavy-duty machine with easy installation
  •         4 position turret pool tightly fixed
  •         Tight grip clamps on lathe for zero wobble
  •         Perfect drill result
  •         Even material shaping due to consistency in lathe rotary
  •         Powerful motors
  •         Active overload protection
  •         Comes with standard accessories
  •         Latest technology magnetic control
  •         Considerably lightweight easy to carry about 
  •         High budget mill/drill/lathe equipment
  1. Shop Fox M116 Variable Speed Mill/Drill with Digital Readout

As promised we round the list up with the most sought-after Mill/drill model developed ground-up with weekend mechanists and DIYers in mind. Shop Fox M116 comes as a high-tech system with a digital readout display showing you the exact position and movement of the spindle along the 3-axis. As a beginner, you want to start off your do-it-yourself journey with a complete arsenal of equipment that helps you minimize error. M116 lets you start low at 50RPM, a speed you can grow with and keep improving till you hit the 2250RPM maximum.

Shop Fox M1116 Variable-Speed Mill/Drill with Digital Readout

Hold material in place with the double locks and maintain an even drill through thick and soft material on the medium size table. Complete features below.


  •         Motor power; 3/4HP
  •         Motor voltage; 110V
  •         Motor type; single phase
  •         System type; 3-axis
  •         Spindle taper type; R8
  •         Spindle travel; 2”
  •         Head tilt; 45° right and 45° left
  •         Head maximum travel; 11”
  •         T-slots; 3
  •         Center to center distance; 11-1/2”
  •         Swing; 15”
  •         Table-to-floor height; 37-1/2”
  •         Spindle-to-table distance; 9”
  •         Weight; 161pounds
  •         Dimension; 30 × 24 × 22”
  •         Top of the list drill/mill solution for DIYer
  •         Accurate drill result
  •         Simple control of a sophisticated machine
  •         Drills aluminum and steel of high thickness
  •         Come ready to use
  •         2 years warranty
  •         Parts are ruggedly built
  •         For reliable operation
  •         High-tech control program
  •         Heavy for a do-it-yourself driller/miller
  •         No lathe included
  •         Large budget recommendation 

Finally, our FREE buying guide to help you through the market!

How to Choose the Best Lathe Mill Combo machine

  •         Decide on the kind of drilling machine you need; based on skills, your job requirements, and level of expertise
  •         Size is important; you should go for a relatively portable design except of course you’re looking to make your miller static in the shop
  •         Power feed; must be of wide range, likewise the readout feature must be dependable to minimize or bring error and mistakes to zero
  •         Numbers of phase; a good rule of thumb is; go for a single-phase as a DIYer and a 3-phase system for your garage/business
  •         Spindle motor horsepower; we recommend anything between 3/4HP-4HP
  •         Mill drill speed; must give you enough low and fast options


Which of our recommendations have you had any experience with? We’d love to hear from you and maybe include your story in our next update! Made your purchase and looking for recommendations on the best lathe mill combo accessories? Reach out to us in the comment box ASAP.


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