Best TIG Welder Under 2000

You believe the highest priority in a welding operation is the weld’s purity, a clean surface finish, and a lasting bond between welded parts. All achieved in less time, with less effort, and, most importantly, at a reasonable budget. While TIG welding may be the best option for your expectations. Choosing from the hundreds of TIG welder brands available for your $2000 budget may be tricky. To help you make a straight purchase of the best TIG welder under 2000 dollars, we have handpicked 6 machines from the tip-top of the market. Though you may not own the best TIG welder in the world, right here, you find;

  • The best TIG welder for beginner/home use under 2000 bucks
  • The best heavy-duty TIG welder for experts under 2000 dollars
  • And top $2000 TIG welder for pipeline fabrication

Quick Comaprion: Top 5 TIG Welder Under $2,000

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Beginners first…

Best TIG Welder under $2000 for Beginner/DIYer/Home use

  1. Best TIG Multi-Process Welder; Miller Multimatic 215 Multiprocess

If you’re looking for a great garage setup. Or a keep-it-simple-stupid, light-duty multiprocess welder for your 15V breaker. This Miller model for beginners is a multipurpose solution for all home equipment repair, installations, and light-duty DIY projects. Though the DC TIG capabilities may be your priority. Making smooth gas-shielded or flux-cored MIG processes, as well as DC STICK welds with this unit, allow for a straight learning curve.

Miller 907693 Multimatic 215 Multiprocess Welder

Easy to use with zero assemblings to do. The Miller Multimac 215 is an inverter-based welding technology for smooth arcs through varying travel speed and arc lengths. Escape the in-between-welding hassles of fixing wire spools unto conventional drive rolls. The Angled drive system with Quick select™ technology of this unit offers 3 different grooves. One for flux core wire and 2 for solid wires for your gas shielded operations. Likewise, an auto-detection functionality in the inverter detects whenever your spool gun is connected right. This way, you escape the continuous stress of flipping the MIG gun torch control before striking an arc.

Speak about a well-established arc on STICK mode. Miller Multimac 215 secures your arc strike is performed well with a 25ft electrode holder, highly responsive to control. On MIG, both flux-core and solid wire, the integrated Smooth Arc™ technology ensures a spatter-free, smooth MIG start to minimize trial-and-error for beginners. Regardless of your chosen welding technique, you’re able to put setups on autopilot to put all focus into honing o your skill, thanks to the included Auto-set Elite™ technology. All settings are boldly displayed on an LCD display screen and there’s the option of finetuning configuration even when in the middle of welding.

But what’s the welding performance like? On TIG Miller Multimac 215 drops fine beads around mild steel sheets of up to ⅜” resulting in strong bonds that stand the test of time. It maintains the same welding capacity on gas shielded and flux core MIG operations on aluminum. Meanwhile for all high-frequency starts, especially on STICK, A special Fan-on-demand cooling technology built into the inverter ramps down the heat. And it only comes on automatically when you strike an arc to reduce power usage and noise. Finally, for multiple plug connections, your package comes with 3 different multi-voltage plugs styles easy to attach to the power chord for your 120V or 240V power receptacle. Needless to say, all parts are easy to fold together into a single, portable unit light to carry about with a comfy, firm-grip handle.


  • System operation; TIG/STICK/MIG (self-shielded and flux core)
  • Power source type; Inverter-based 120/240V dual voltage
  • MIG welding capacity on steel; 24gauge to ⅜”
  • MIG welding capacity on aluminum; 18gauge to ⅜”
  • TIG welding capacity on steel; 24gauge to ¼”
  • STICK welding capacity on steel; 16gauge to ⅜”
  • Frequency; 50/60Hz
  • Power Input; 110V-240V
  • Welding amperage; 30-230amps
  • MIG gun size; 10ft
  • STICK holder size; 13ft
  • Ground cable with clamp size; 10ft
  • Power cord size’ 6.5ft
  • Flow gauge regulator and gas hose
  • MIG duty cycle; 20% @ 200amps/40% @ 150amps/60% @ 110amps
  • TIG duty cycle; 20% @ 190amps/40% @ 140amps
  • STICK duty cycle; 20% @ 190amps/40% @ 90amps
  • Contact tips wire capacity; 0.030”
  • Inverter weight; 38lbs
  • LCD settings display


  • Autoset elite for multiple wire welds
  • Autodetects spool gun
  • Best TIG welder under 200 for multiple operations
  • Lightweight unit easy to travel with
  • High-tech inbuilt cooling system for high-frequency operations
  • Thermal overload protection for a secured investment
  • Compatible for all outlets
  • Smooth DC power source
  • Great arc performance
  • Smooth beads on steel and aluminum
  • Ideal machine for beginners to practice all welding techniques
  • Easy to use and store away


  • The manufacturer’s rebate offer is a joke
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  1. Best For TIG Only; Eastwood TIG 200

Are you looking for an easy entry into industrial TIG welding by practicing from home? Eastwood TIG 200 is one of the oldest square-wave inverter-based units on the market. It is usable with a power generator as an option to cut the bill by half by reducing electric power usage. And you can start making professional-quality TIG metal-frying of thick aluminum or steel sheets, tubes, and design bar stocks for home use. For thin gauge plates of steel and aluminum too, Eastwood is an AC/DC equipment easy to grow with and make precise welding. The control interface is intuitive and all configuration knobs are responsive with no brainer.

Eastwood TIG 200 AC/DC 20565 Welder Aluminum Stainless Mild Steel Weld

On the welding performance. Eastwood TIG 200 is great for high-frequency starts of up to 60Hz when welding thick materials. And you may ramp down the heat-frequency level when switching from thick metal to thin gauge materials to avoid burn-though. Just plug the NEMA 6-50R receptacle plug to your 15amps circuit or your 30amps outlet to weld a maximum of ¼” thick material. This dual-voltage equipment works anywhere with a single-phase 110V or 220V power. And you can weld between the amperage of 30amps and 200amps depending on material size. Meanwhile, you may perform STICK welds with the same unit if you have a STICK holder or you can get one at Harbour Freight at a low cost.

On the control side. This TIG metal-frying machine allows dual control for the heat frequency. As a beginner, it’s more ideal to start with the finger on and off heat control. This way, you can minimize the hit-and-misses till you get a hang of it. Then as you get better at it, using the grey variable foot pedal control becomes less a work. And that allows you to weld out of position giving of its extended cable. Meanwhile, other TIG models are picky when it comes to consumables. Eastwood TIG 200 integrates the WP-17 style torch that accepts any type of cups and collets. And you can use any consumable type and size below or at ⅛”.

Overall, this is the best starter TIG welding kit for anyone looking for an easy intro into industrial level TIG. There’s a welding chart on the top to get around with the configuration for each task you throw at the machine. And you can steadily work your way up the 60% industrial cycle. The pack comes with everything you need to start welding right out of the box including a handheld welding mask. Unfortunately, the only downside there is; you can’t replace the foot pedal with a roller switch.


  • System application; TIG (STICK option)
  • Power input; 110V/220V
  • Power output; 30amps-200amps
  • MIG duty cycle; 60% @ 145amps/ 60% @ 190amps
  • STICK duty cycle; 60% @ 145amps/ 60% @ 185amps
  • Maximum welding frequency; 60Hz
  • Minimum welding frequency; 50Hz
  • Heat frequency control; Grey variable pedal and torch
  • Torch length; 12ft WP-17 torch
  • Maximum welding capacity; ¼” steel, aluminum, and mild steel
  • Foot pedal cable length; 7ft
  • Shielding gas regulator and gas hose
  • Maximum consumable capacity; ⅛”
  • 220-240V and 110-120V adapter plug
  • 3 gas nozzles; 7/16”, 5/16”, and /3/8”
  • 3/32” collet and collet body
  • Ground clamp and cable size; 10ft
  • Weight; 45lbs
  • Hammer/brush


  • Versatile TIG torch
  • All welding accessories included
  • The welding helmet is a plus
  • Best TIG welder for a high-frequency start for beginners
  • Professional TIG welding quality
  • Precise, and accurate weld on thin gauge material
  • Great welding capabilities
  • Uses a generator as an option
  • STICK option
  • Intuitive configuration panel


  • May be heavy
  • No roller switch
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Best Heavy-duty TIG Welder Under 2000 Dollars For Experts

As an auto-shop runner or a chop shop owner, your preferred TIG system model is such that provides the best, fast, and satisfying welding solutions to your customer. See the top 2 models reviewed below for your 2000 dollars budget.

  1. Best TIG Welder With PWM; 2018 AHP Alpha-TIG

Working with a whopping 200Hz frequency helps get the job done fast so you can serve more customers at a fraction of the time and cost. Unfortunately, there’s a high tendency of ending up with a low-quality weld. Or a welding result with spatter or other defects to spend time with later on. Exactly why the Alpha-TIG makes it to our list. Though it came into the market in 2018 as one of the best-in-class models of that period. A lot of changes have been done on the AHP Alpha-TIG machine to do away with all the disadvantages of high-frequency operations. And the result is a heavy-duty dual-voltage AC DC system with PMW. The PWM (pulse width modulation) functionality prevents overheating while securing an accurate weld with the quick response time. And this doesn’t depend on your welding angle or your travel speed.

2018 AHP AlphaTIG 200X 200 Amp IGBT AC DC Tig/Stick Welder with PULSE 110v 220v 3 YEARS WARRANTY

Enter the 2020 model of the AHP Alpha-TIG with an all-new tungsten torch. Make precise low-frequency weld on thin gauge steel or aluminum with no burn-through by simply ramping down heat-frequency on the IGBT inverter. For quicker, and hassle-free work, the pulse width modulation of this system allows you to preset an autopilot interval switches between the maximum and minimum amperage. This way, the machine does most part of the job while you concentrate on satisfying the customer. While operating at 200Hz, you can ramp back with the flexible foot pedal as a manual option. The 100% duty cycle at 150amps is the icing on the cake to put all your welding time busy with no downtime. But at the highest amperage of 200amps, you get a duty cycle of 70%. This way, your torch gets enough cooling time between operations and burn-back is avoided, resulting in a lasting torch.

Our final verdict though. While this may be heavy to carry about for traveler engineers, AHP Alpha-TIG has a comfy, firm-grip handle on its inverter and all accessories can be easily taken along. But it’s more recommended to make this a static welder for your auto repair shop, your farm equipment welds, or your pipeline fabrication business. Needless to say, you can make professional welds on ¼” aluminum and ⅜” steel without blowing a hole on your power bill with this unit. And again, it’s a silent TIG machine convertible to a STICK welder. See the complete features, cons, and pros below.


  • System application; TIG (STICK option)
  • Input power; 110/120V
  • Maximum output power; 200amps
  • Welding capacity; ⅜” to ¼”
  • Duty cycle; 100% @ 200amps/ 70% @ 150amps
  • Power width modulation
  • Maximum frequency; 200Hz
  • TIG gun size; 17ft WP-17
  • 110V power adapter
  • Ground clamp cable size; 9ft
  • STICK holder size; 9ft
  • Argon regulator with gas hose
  • 2T/4T remote switch compatibility
  • Pulse duration; 10-90%
  • Pre-flow gas; 0.1-1.0s
  • AC balance; 30-70%


  • Great machine for the money
  • Autopilot pulse functionality
  • Comes with STICK holder
  • Silent operation
  • Best TIG welder for expert under 200
  • Sturdy build machine
  • Low power usage
  • Maximum duty cycle on the market
  • Highly recommended for professional results
  • A versatile unit, best TIG welder for all material


  • Heavy inverter
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  1. Best TIG Welder For Aluminum; Lotos TIG200 ACDC

Are you a handyman, a traveling engineer, a pipeline fabricator, or a vehicle remodeling welder operator? Here’s another heavy-duty metal-frying machine in the 200 series. The Lotos TIG200 is a square-wave, inverter-based machine that beats the bulkiness of the transformer-based models to the dust. Especially for your fab shop with constant works coming in, you need a tough, durable system like this one that maintains the same duty cycle and performance over years of serious usage. For your large steel pipes welding or boat construction, the TIG200 blends with your TIG skills for clean welds from smooth beads. Make deep penetration into thicker steels and create deep weld pools that solidify on time.

Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum Tig Welder with DC Stick/Arc Welder, Square Wave Inverter with Foot Pedal and Argon Regulator 110/220V Dual Voltage Brown

Lotos TIG200 is the best TIG welder for aluminum under 2000 dollars, no doubt. It brings multiple control options to meet your high-frequency start need on tungsten operation. You may use the hand torch control to switch through amperages when operating out of position. Meanwhile, there’s the heat control foot pedal for precise welding heat, easy to connect to the dual-voltage inverter. Speaking of the inverter, it features welding setup charts, a keep-it-simple configuration panel, and tight connection ports for all attachments. Thinking about what you can do with a steady 200amps welding power supply in your shop?

This machine scales power efficiency to 80% regardless of the outlet’s voltage. It will work whether connected to a 110V or 220V power outlet with no hassle. On the STICK side, you can make easy arc start with adjustable hot striking arc current between 15amps to 200amps. And to say that the electrode holder uses any of the conventional or high-end electrodes, be it basic or acid-based electrode. Finally, a high-tech cooling system built into the inverter beats down the heat and secure that welding performance is stable Overall, the package is portable and light with a comfy handle to carry the machine around hassle-free. See the full features below, including accessories and performance on aluminum and mild steel.


  • System application; TIG (STICK optional)
  • Input power; 110/220V
  • Minimum output power; 10amps
  • Maximum output power; 200amps
  • Duty cycle; 60% to 100%
  • Power efficiency; 80%
  • Welding capacity; ¼” of steel, aluminum, and mild steel
  • Power cable size; 6ft
  • Heat frequency; 50Hz to 60Hz
  • Pigtail adapter; type 2
  • Ground clamp and cable
  • Gas regulator with hose
  • Adjustable pedal control
  • Hand torch control
  • Handheld shield
  • hammer/brush
  • Machine size; 28” × 13” × 7”


  • Precise thin gauge weld
  • Smooth beads
  • 80% performance machine
  • Extended power cord length
  • Maximized duty cycle
  • Best TIG welder for aluminum
  • Great for hot arc striking
  • Bang for buck
  • Dual heat control options
  • All welding accessories included
  • The welding helmet is a plus


  • May give out noise over time
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Best TIG Welder For Assembly line construction

As the last category of the best TIG welder under 2000 dollars on our list, we review just one among the top-liners designed for assembly line constructions. Besides, you don’t want to dabble in confusion trying to pick one out of two. Right? See below for the top TIG welder for assembly line construction under your 2 grand budget.

  1. Best Overall; WeldPro 2020 Digital 200GD AC/DC

The WeldPro 2020 upgraded model is a pulse TIG unit with fully adjustable amperage control on both torch and foot pedal. Make stable upslope and downslope between your pre-set start amp and end amp on the intuitive control panel. An air cooling option is available for high-frequency welds and you can apply water cooling when not welding on 200amps capacity. And DC current welding is available for stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and even copper.

2020 Weldpro Digital TIG 200GD ACDC 200 Amp Tig/Stick Welder with Pulse CK 17 Worldwide Superflex Torch/with Trigger Switch Dual Voltage 220V/110V

Right in the IGBT inverter, a PWM functionality allows you to put all pulse levels on autopilot so you can spend time pouring smooth beads unto the welding joints, spatter-free. The ground clamp is highly responsive and starts the torch when clamped right for an immediate arc strike response. Meanwhile, the CK Superflex torch cable featured ensure flexibility and allows you to move along the line without having to unplug welder or lift inverter along with you. Overall, the lightweight couple with the versatility of this unit also makes it ideal for traveler welder operators. See the complete features below.


  • System application; TIG and STICK
  • Input power; 220V and 110V
  • Output power; 200amps
  • Duty cycle for AC TIG; 60% @ 200amps
  • Duty cycle for DC TIG; 40% @ 200AMPS
  • TIG torch size; 17ft
  • PWM (pulse width modification) functionality
  • Welding capacity on aluminum; ⅜” and ½”
  • AC frequency; 40Hz to 200Hz
  • Pulse frequency; 5Hz to 200Hz
  • AC balance; 30 to 70
  • Welder size; 17.6” × 7.9” × 6”
  • Power plug; Male 220/240V NEMA 6-50 plug
  • Torch cable length; 12ft
  • Machine weight; 32lbs


  • Great TIG offers at a low-point price
  • Extended gun cord for field works
  • Easy to weld with on the assembly line over 12ft distance
  • Versatile TIG unit
  • STICK welder convertible
  • Heavy-duty machine made to last
  • Setup automation makes welding faster
  • Low power consuming system
  • 30% more efficient TIG solution
  • Comes with 2 years warranty with refund policies
  • Comprehensive user manual for setup


  • May be quite heavy

Now, how about we show you the important things to look out for when buying a TIG welder? See our cheat sheet buying guide below.

How To Choose The Best TIG welder Under $2000

  • Performance; though it depends on your needs. But to know a welder’s performance you want to judge that by its welding capacity and duty cycle.
  • Ease of use; depending on whether you are an expert or a TIG beginner, your welder choice should be reasonably easy to use.
  • Size; you don’t want the welder eating up all the space in your garage or shop. In the same light, go for a lightweight model for a welder meant to be moved about on the field. Then you may opt for the heavy versions for a piece of static welding equipment.
  • Power usage; while you must have your eyes for a dual-voltage unit for versatility, it must be equally low on power usage while giving out steady, maximum amperage.
  • Options; for a 2000 dollars TIG welder, you want to get MIG or STICK welding or both from it.


Choosing a welder is a walk-in-the-park for professional welder operators who know these machines in and out. But when it comes to TIG welders, making the right choice gets tricky. Did you find your needed model from our reviewed welders so far? Use the comment box for more recommendations on the best TIG welder under 2000 dollars.