Hobart Champion Elite Review

One thing that makes your life easy is to always love what you do. This is particularly vital in your work life. If you want to love what you do one of the most important factors that perhaps is usually underemphasized is getting enough comfort in your work. 

If you want to make your welding job a hobby, affording you the much comfort you need, the best favor you can ever do to yourself is to get a welding machine. Not just any welding machine, you need a welding machine that is connected to a power source or you will just waste unnecessary time and effort especially when you need to do the welding at a job site that is very far from your workplace. So if you want a welding machine that is connected to a power source which welder would you go for engine driven welders. 

You definitely need engine driven welders to make your operation go smooth however you wouldn’t just be going for any engine-driven welder out there, you will need the type that can provide sufficient power that can effectively carry the burden of all operations you will need to do. This is why you need to look very carefully out there with some little knowledge about what makes the best engine driven welders. Honestly, and more specifically, one of the best engine driven welders you can ever lay your hands on out there is the  Hobart Champion Elite review and there are a hundred reasons why you always go for Hobart Champion Elite. 

We may not cover all but it will be very comprehensive. And after reading this article, you will convincingly understand what makes the best welders and why you should go for Hobart Champion Elite. 

The Hobart Champion Elite

Apart from your welding operations, this is one fascinating power source that can be used to handle many heavy industrial, farm, or maintenance and repair operations. Hobart Champion Elite is a heavy-duty multipurpose welding generator that can effectively cover all your welding operation while also providing enough power to other tools and equipment that are being used on your job site. Getting a very nice rugged heavy-duty generator for your welding operation is really a joy. But you derive more joy when you discover your power station is designed to have its own welding equipment and other extra accessories. This is the type of Hobart Champion Elite. If you don’t know, this is an 11000-watt generator with a 255-ampere welder. 

Many pro welders really enjoy and exploit Hobart Champion Elite the most because as much as Hobart Champion Elite is limited to providing the DC power current, This current source is still very much capable of handling all heavy operations. It is one engine-driven welder that does the work of two. Apart from its efficiency, it has a nice rugged structure with a compact design that assures its long-lasting life. This is the main cause of its admiration. As much as many professional welders use Hobart Champion Elite, it is not meant for them alone because if you want an effortless smooth operation in all your job you take the decision of getting Hobart Champion Elite without thinking of the cost. 

The unique sturdiness and its many functions are what sets Hobart Champion Elite apart from other similar engine-driven welders. And they are also what highlight the many fascinating features that people admire in it. 

Let’s have a quick tour around the beneficial features Hobart Champion Elite has got. 

Features of the Hobart Champion Elite 

  1. Power Supply

This is one of the vital prerequisites you have to consider before getting a welding generator because welding operations normally demands a very high level of power flow. Depending on the welding operations you will be executing you may need as much as 10000 amperes so you need the right power station that can handle your power demands and this is where Hobart Champion Elite comes in.

With this welding generator, you are able to carry out every welding operation you intend to without any stress because Hobart Champion Elite can endure heavy-duty operations for long. It is able to generate a power supply of up to 11000-watt and can maintain a 9,500 continuous watts power generation. 

  1. Portability 

The portability of your source of power is very crucial in welding operations. However rugged your power station might be it should be able to provide the required power needed anywhere you want your welding operation. And this is why engine driven welders are needed because they make your welding job portable. 

Hobart Champion Elite is one perfect welding generator to make your welding job portably smooth. This is because it weighs not more than 495 lbs with an approximate height of about 3 feet. The curved retractable handle helps to perfect its compactness. To enjoy this to the fullest you can easily add the very cheap protective cover that comes with for wheels. Hobart Champion Elite is really a nice engine-driven welder with a lightweight and compact design. 

  1. Gas Tank Capacity  

One of the best things that completes the best welding generator is being designed with a large tank that is capable of holding large amounts of gas. When you have got a large fuel tank capacity welding generator then all your worries about getting caught mid-way during welding operations will vanish. This is because large capacity tank generators are able to handle multiple tasks at a long stretch while saving as much gas as possible. 

For Hobart Champion Elite, it is designed with a 23 HP Kohler engine that comes with twin-cylinder. This is one engine that saves the cost of constantly fueling your generator because they optimize the usage of fuel during operation. What is more, even the welding generator itself is able to as much as twelve gallons of fuel in its tank. This is really admirable because, with the Kohler twin-cylinder engine, it is able to manage each gallon of fuel for more than an hour. 

Hobart Champion Elite is your one go for a welding generator that has a large fuel tank capacity because it is designed with an engine that optimizes productivity while minimizing the usage of fuel. This affords you the smooth operation you desire. 

  1. Everything in One Piece. 

An 11000-watt welding generator and a 255-ampere welder. This is tempting and it comes in handy because it is not all welding generators that come with a welder, a soldering iron and many other accessories needed. And there is good bargaining here because with all the heavy-duty it does, you are able to get all of these at a just the same cost you would spend over a welding generator that doesn’t come with all these. 

  1. Ease in Operation and Maintenance

Hobart champion elite is easy to operate and manage because of its compact structure. It has a very simple structure that eliminates any technicality to operate it. This is really good news for beginners and pros because you also are able to easily open the cap of the tank to refill the welding generator with enough fuel. 

Hobart champion elite is also easy to maintain because both sides of the welding generator allow you good access to cleaning its compartment. So you are able to clean off clogged dirt in the welding generator. Since many welding generators are likely to develop unexpected faults due to their heavy operations, Hobart champion elite is one promising long-lasting welding generator that comes with a 3-year warranty. 

  • It is very durable and compact.
  • Designed with a 9500 watts continuous power supply and a11000 watts peak power supply
  • Large tank capacity
  • Simple control panel
  • Comes with a Hobart warranty
  • It has a toll free oil digital meter
  • Comes with a Kohler double cylinder engine
  • Lightweight and compact design.
  • Designed for heavy-duty operations. 
  • It is an all in one package multipurpose welding generator to assure mobility and portability. 
  • It is only DC weld
  • Non-availability of constant voltage 
  • The leads or protective cover are sold separately


That is about it for the Hobart champion elite. If you have the cash, I strongly suggest that you do not let this go by. It is worth every penny it costs. The multifarious benefits and nice features are a solid attestation to this. Many engine driven welders that are in the Hobart champion elite category are more costly and would offer less. You will hardly get a welding generator of this category that comes with many welding accessories and a huge supply of power that is able to handle heavy-duty operations. Yet it is still able to couple all these with its lightweight and compact design. 

Hobart champion elite is worth more than it does so whether you are a pro or some starter in the welding job, don’t let this opportunity get past you. All you might ever need is managing your budget to allowing some space for the costs of the Hobart champion elite. And you will have a smoother operation ever after.