Predator 2000 Generator Review

What does it feel like with a constant 2000watts power running steadily into the house? You get most of the things that you want! Crispy cold bottles of beer ready for an on-the-roof refreshment from your mini-fridge with friends. Non-Stop movie-streaming period on StarTimes or your favorite programs on Netflix (inserts Gaia for me). Exciting soccer match-seeing period where you get to support your favorite team at the front of the screen with friends. The possibilities are endless with a dependable generator like the Predator 2000 and we have explained it all in this predator 2000 generator review.

2000 Peak/1600 Running Watts, 2.8 HP (79.7cc) Portable Inverter Generator CARB & EPA III

With this review, we show you;

  •         A part-to-part detail of predator 2000 generator
  •         What predator 2000 generator is best for/ should you go for this system?
  •         Units listing to run with Predator 2000 generator
  •         Predator 2000 generator problems and troubleshooting
  •         Maintenance nuggets and tricks to extend life-span of your generator

Start first with the…

Review for Predator 2000 Generator

  •  Predator 2000, the 79.7cc air-cooled OHV gas engine; it’s easier to describe what the engine looks like to anyone with experience with a 2000watts Yamaha or Honda. We are talking about a 79.77cc engine here, a rival for most of the engines in the 98cc size category. Talk about the brilliant performance, the horribly low sound edge of 66db at 23’ when compared to the toilet-flushing noise its peers give. And that is just the sound you get only when you take 50% off of it. Go below 50% and you’d doubt if you have a generator running in the garage.

An automotive spin-on grade of oil filter replaces the conventional filters which you have to change at Harbor Freight every 3 months. Then there’s an air filter, a dual-element air filter, tight-fitted into the engine dedicated to removing every teeny tiny bit of particles to the large obvious one. Consider that an improved way to scale engine performance. Likewise, the included more robust high-impact pressurized lubrication system makes sure oil circulates evenly to every throughout your generator. This way you wouldn’t need to call on the repair guy for a knocked engine. Finally, if you check on the low-pressure oil protection and the X-torq governor you’d find it a bit on the high bar when compared to those of Yamaha 2000watts engines. And since this is a 4-stroke horizontal single-cylinder OHV engine that runs at 4600RPM speed the cooling system employed is air-cooling to beat down the heat effectively.

  •  Predator 2000 Carburetor; is the same P15 carburetor found in Predator-go-kart and mini bike engine. This carburetor has an air-intake of 21.30mm diameter for more balanced air circulation through the engine system. Likewise, a removable taper is included that reduces the engine air-intake to 18mm. But here’s a clear-cut specification of this carburetor. First, the engine intake hole spacing is 36.75mm. (A little slap on the face for all those who keep saying the predator 2000 generator is a clone of Honda 2000). And again the air intake hole spacing reads 37.35 on the manual. The overall carburetor weight is 5.4ounces which accounts, in a part, for the total light-weightiness of the generator. The same way the 6.6 × 4 × 3.1” dimension goes in to not spoil the generator’s portability.

But how about a replacement? Though this rarely happens but just in case there are several carburetors you can choose from and employ as a replacement. For instance, if you have an old’ 79cc mini bike ready to be thrown over to the chop shop just remove the carburetor and make it your replacement. Another replacement for Predator 2000 generator carburetor is the Honda 2000 carburetor or the one in Yamaha 2000. But didn’t I just point out a difference between Honda carburetor and Predator’s carburetor? Okay, the difference is there but it works. We have seen cases of people who did it. Except you’d rather part with your 15 buckaroos to get an original replacement.

2000 Peak/1600 Running Watts, 2.8 HP (79.7cc) Portable Inverter Generator CARB & EPA III
  •         Predator 2000 generator’s RV ready parallel kit; want even more power? The predator 2000 generator comes supported with a 30amps RV ready parallel kit for power concentration. This means that you can have two generators running and bring their power into one place and tap it from there. You save space, reduce fumes, and spend less on heavy-duty generators. Therefore in its case, the Predator’s RV ready parallel kit lets you maximize power up to 3500watts or even 4000watts, the latter which is the maximum. If you have a Yamaha 2000 or a Honda 2000 and are looking to add the Predator as support then you’re in for a deal

We feel this is rather an opportunity for traveler engineers to go everywhere with two Predator 2000 and work anywhere with a combined steady 4000watts power. For campers as well, the RV ready parallel kit is a good reason to go for two Predator 2000 instead of a one-place 4000 generator that would rather be budget-breaking and take more space in your camper truck. The kit in itself has two separate connection ports. One is a 250V/30amps RV ready outlet and the other is a twist-lock outlet of 250V/30AMPS. The design is made durable to last with a weather-resistant housing for all-weather usage on-field or during camping. Finally, this kit is 4.89pounds in weight and with a dimension of 4.6 × 10.2 × 4.2,” it becomes insignificant at the back of the truck and only shows its power when in use.

  •         Oil and engine oil; as recommended by the manufacturer, you must only use a +87 octane gasoline type that is stabilizer-treated and unleaded. Once filled into the 1-gallon capacity tank you get 12hrs period of 2000watts power off of your generator for your camping activities. On the other hand, if you were using 2 of this generator and concentrating both powers unto the RV parallel kit the run time on full tank becomes 24hrs. See why we recommend Predator among other 2000watts brands for your business? Meanwhile for the engine oil part use an SAE engine oil type of 10W-40W as recommended in the user’s manual. Put it into the 13fl. Oz engine oil tank and only change oil every month or after every 8hrs of use. We recommend the 8hrs for commercial use and the monthly oil change for in-house use.
  •         Overall performance and delivery; a single Predator 2000watts gen is an outstanding delivery of steady 2000watts power unto the house. The engine oil/fuel refill is not a pain. When shopping for a super-quiet gasoline-using generator that is less fuel-draining, Predator fits in perfectly. We can’t overemphasize the quietness especially when on eco mode. Overall the delivery is the same as Honda but when you look at the price you’ll be saving half Honda’s price with Predator.
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The question now is, should you go for the predator 2000watts already? Well, we answer that below.

What Predator 2000 Generator is best for/ should you go for it?

This is the generator of choice for;

  •         Campers; looking for consistent 2000watts source in all-weather. As a camper, you need a portable unit that leaves the space for other camping tools/equipment in your RV. Then the things that you run include but are not limited to an 800watts toaster; a 600watts-800watts microwave, a few lights under your tent and around, and then some gadgets to charge. For summer camping you’ll always need to tap into the A/C mode to run AC. In this case, campers using predator 2000 report turning off the economy mode off first. And once you have your air-conditioner running on the A/C mode you may include the economy mode as well.
  •         Boaters and kayakers; need a stable power output to keep afloat and beat water traffic perfectly. This 2000watts gen buys you up to 12hrs water navigation time. And to speak the weight is quite insignificant to not affect boat balance while the small size gives all the room to your fishing equipment and refreshments. Finally when on water, especially an open water, where you can’t easily spot an incoming boater or kayaker this generator is horribly quiet to give you ear to avoid collision and be able to communicate with other boaters clearly.
  •         DIYers; for smooth machines-powering and work efficiency in your work station. As a DIYer, your needs revolve around this generator. You’re able to power a portable orbital sander, a small multipurpose TIG/MIG/STICK welder, and lights at the same time. Considering the noise from your DIYer systems you don’t want a yelling generator that adds to the headache. Predator 2000 generator meets all your needs and the low-price makes it a great generator for the money at a low budget.
  •         Battery chargers; want to keep the business going for as long as possible. But whether you’re looking for a battery-charging generator for your business or one you can make a battery charger while still being your home generator you have a deal with this one.
  •         House usage; sum up all the things you run in the house and you’ll be going from 1000watts to 4000watts. The total power-usage in your house determines whether you’re keeping your budget low or high. Either way a single Predator 2000watts is enough to run the TV, a mini-fridge, 2 fans, lights, and a micro-air conditioner. To power other things with these at the same time, one more generator (maybe your ol’ 2000watts Honda) comes into work together on the RV parallel connection kit included in the Predator design. But then you have the choice to run things at different times. You know… turn off the air conditioner when you have to run the microwave.
  •         Office usage; though not recommended but with two of this generator on the parallel connector, you’ll be having a stable power of 4000watts running on for your business. Again, not recommended.

Want the bigger picture? See below for the list as given by the manufacturer for units to run with the generator so you can get more years from it.

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Listing of Units to Run With Predator 2000watts Generator

  •         Mini refrigerator; 400-700watts
  •         3/8” drill; 400-600watts
  •         1/4HP compressor; 600-900watts
  •         15amps battery charger; 380watts
  •         1/6HP motor; 500-800watts
  •         String trimmer; 350watts
  •         Hedge trimmer; 500watts
  •         Toaster; 800watts
  •         Microwave; 500-800watts
  •         Table/fox fan; 200watts
  •         50” plasma TV; 200-500watts
  •         Hand orbital sander; 172watts

So you don’t have to splash out on the repair guy when you don’t have to. We have included all of the major problems of this 2000watts power generator and the respective troubleshooting below.


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Predator 2000 Generator Problems and Troubleshooting

  •         Spark plug related problems; you may encounter include; a broken plug cap, spark plug not fitting in tightly, sparking from a spark plug, and faulty ignition. To get around with all of these ensure; spark plug is cleaned and dried-out regularly, replace broken spark plug cap, and replace a spark plug that won’t fit in tightly properly with an A5RTC plug of 0.023”-0.027” gap. Meanwhile, you’ll need to call in a technician for a faulty ignition.
  •         Compressor related problems; most recorded compressor related problem is a loose or broken cylinder head. For a quick-fix, try adjusting the head to tighten. If that doesn’t work then you want to change the spark plug. Also, some long-term users of 3-5 years reported a hissing sound from the compressor when starting this gen. There are two troubleshooting for this. The first is to make a gasket head replacement. If that doesn’t work then replacing the spark plug will. Again for when the cylinder dries-out, pour a tablespoon of oil into the spark plug hole. Fix the spark plug back. Crank and start. That should work or otherwise call in your repair guy.
  •         Engine stops or knocks or backfires; these can be as a result of varying factors. For one the engine may stop when you use gasoline with more than 10% ethanol content. Getting the right gasoline as recommended by the manufacturer is the way out here. Again it’s possible you have a faulty tank cap or have less gasoline in the tank. Replace tank cap in case 1 and refill the gasoline tank in case 2. Then it’s possible you have an overheating engine in which case a technician would come in.

Okay, we all want to keep good equipment for as long as we can. Below are actionable to extend the lifespan of your power generator and to make it work for you more efficiently.

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Maintenance Nuggets and Tricks for your Predator 2000 Generator

  •         Fuel tank maintenance; always clean fuel tank cap after filling in the gasoline. Wipe spilled gasoline around the tank and leave the excess to dry-off. Likewise, replace the fuel cap whenever it is worn-out and will no longer seal the tank tightly. Finally whenever filling the tank leaving an emptiness of 1” between tank top and gasoline prevents contact between the two. This way the gasoline doesn’t rust the cap or affect it in any way likewise does your fuel stays away from contamination from the cap.
  •         Engine maintenance; first off having the engine oil tank filled completely is an assurance that your generator works at its best. Besides with too little fuel or no fuel at all the engine is sure to knock or even refuse to start in the first place. But you never know when you run out of engine oil so we recommend checking on the engine oil space for a refill before and after generator usage.
  •         Spark plug maintenance; it’s more important to check the spark plug than anything. How many years you will get from your Predator 2000watts generator depends largely on spark plug maintenance. Here are some of the best maintenance tips for your A5RTC spark plug. One, remove spark plug cap in your generator to loosen spark plug out of position using a plug wrench. Clean spark plug with a dry clean rag. Check spark plug for fault, if a crack is found on the white ceramic insulator there’s a call for replacement. When replacing make sure the replacement spark plug is the A5RTC type. Finally when fitting the spark plug back in position apply anti-seize/lubricator around the thread so it drives in smoothly. Needless to say, you want to secure a tight spark plug fitting since most engine overheating which leads to other engine faults are traceable to a weak spark plug fitting.
  •         Air filter maintenance; you need to keep a non-stop air circulation around the engine to extend engine life and avoid faulting-out. Here is a step-by-step air filter maintenance for Predator 2000 generator. Open the access panel on the side second to the control panel side. Look for the air filter position, open the air filter cap to remove the air filter. Once out dip foam filter element in water and squeeze-dry then dip inside oil again. Finally, squeeze out the oil and put the foam filter element back before the capping and closing up of the access panel. However, you need the pressure from an air-blower system to clean-out the air filter if you were using a paper filter element. Again here you will need a pair of ANSI-approved google, gloves, and respirator approved by NIOSH.


Have you any experience with any 2000watts power generator? What have you been using it for? How many years have you got from it? We’d love to hear from you especially if you’ve just read our predator 2000 generator review and bought one or two of the same generator.