Lotos Plasma Cutter Reviews

Cut it. Weld it. Build it. As a welder, an engineer, or a pipeline fabricator, you’ve come across Lotos’ code over again. When you open a new Lotos welder you see it. When the boys wheeled that brand new CNC plasma table into the factory you saw it. When you visit Harbor Freight prowling from shelf to shelf during the Black Friday 3day sale for some bangs-for-bucks you scanned for Lotos. Lotos have always taken big strides into the market with every single product. On this page, however, with our Lotos plasma cutter reviews, we bring you closer to Lotos collection of plasma cutters. Right here you find;

  •         Review for Lotos plasma cutter under 500
  •         Review for Lotos plasma cutter under 300
  •         Best Lotus plasma cutter under 1000-the reviews
  •         How to choose your plasma cutter from Lotos models
  •         Frequently asked questions and answers

First, we start with the under 500 models.

Review for Best Lotus Plasma cutters under 500

Suppose you’ve 500 buckaroos in the wallet as you plan out your moves for a recent huge offer thrown your way. Which among Lotos’ models under 500 would be the best for you? We have just picked the best two under that price and you want to check the review of each below.

  1. Lotos CT520D 50amps Air Plasma Cutter

To work unrestricted in the shop for as long as you want. To cut from the top of the metal surface with complete control. To explore your innate welding and cutting creativity while fleshing-out a perfect design for the customer. All of these are desires fulfilled when you and the team have the right cutting machine at your back. With Lotos CT520D 50amps your shop has 3 combinations of systems in one place. Plug into any power source between 110V to 220V and this dual voltage metal-slicer starts paying for itself. We recommend it for your small auto repair shop for the factors explained below. And oh for your weekend projects at home in the garage as well.

For one this system combines a 50amps air plasma cutter together with a 200amps TIG welder plus a 200amps STICK welder. Remember the “cut it, weld it, build it” code? You get super-fast, easy, plus high precision cut through all metals from the air plasma cutting feature. Suitable metals to be cut include; alloy-steel, mild steel, aluminum, copper, and other weld-able metals. Whether cutting while lying under the chassis of a truck or standing next to your table Lotos CT520D delivers its maximum severance through a ¾” tick metal error-free. The light-weight plasma cutting torch makes it extra comfortable to handle in a confined position. For a perfectly clean-cut, however, you must be cutting through anything at or below ½”.

Flip over to the STICK welding function for a steady DC STICK/MMA weld of aluminum and steel. Scratch start or rub start. An ARC adjustability function is included to try different ARC with and tune in to the right ARC for each job. Go ahead and make an easy ARC start, create your weld pool as deep as the base metal goes, and make your final goal an aesthetic welding shape with great bonding strength.

On the TIG welding option, you enjoy the same 15amps to 200amps output upon 110V 0r 220V input. Set the inverter up with the included ground cable. Plug-in gas with gas-hose. Connect TIG torch unto the golden connection point for tight connection. And finally, tune in to TIG mode on the control panel. Pick the included torch and make a high-frequency start. Then weld through alternative frequencies using a pedal control. This machine doesn’t come with pedal though. So you’ll need to bring your ol’ pedal to it or, as another option, buy a new pedal. See complete specs ahead.

Our verdict first; Lotos CT520D 50amps is the gear for small welder shop owners, small auto-repair shops, and metalworkers of all kinds looking for a medium plasma cutting machine. It is one of Lotos’ front-liners within the price range of 500 bucks. The cut delivery on mild steel and aluminum is just precise and clean hence we recommend it majorly for the two metals.


  •         System inverter type; dual voltage
  •         Inverter input voltage; 110V/220V
  •         Inbuilt cooling system; fan air-cooled
  •         Maximum plasma severance; ½” thick metal
  •         Maximum plasma perfect cut; ¾” thick metal
  •         TIG welding function
  •         TIG torch type; WP17
  •         TIG output; 15-200amps on DC
  •         TIG control; torch control for high-frequency start
  •         Pedal for precise heat control during welding (pedal is not included)
  •         MMA STICK welding function
  •         STICK output; 15-200amps on DC
  •         STICK holder not included
  •         Heat frequency; 50/60hz on 220V and 110V
  •         Air filter regulator
  •         Ground cable
  •         Plasma cutter torch
  •         Build material; steel
  •         Overall weight; 38.5pounds
  • Bang for buck
  • Deep weld pool on TIG welding
  • Plasma cutter cuts ¾” diamond plate in seconds 
  • Slag-free operation for slow operation
  • Awesome high-frequency arc start
  • Comes with consumable
  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • 3 systems in one place
  • Takes less time to set the connection up
  • Great cutting function for small auto-repair
  • Comfortable handle for transportation
  • Lightweight
  • 30 days refund


  • Doesn’t come with heat control pedal
  • Doesn’t come with pilot arc
  • No pigtail included
  1. Lotus LTP5000D 50A Non-touch Pilot Arc Air Plasma Cutter

So you are looking for a more precise system. Just the perfect equipment for spineless air plasma cutting solution with no bonuses. No welding function. We picked the LTP5000D 50amps out of many others in 500 bucks price range. LTP5000D is a dual voltage and dual-frequency plasma cutter for a non-hazardous plasma-cutting operation. We recommend it to you if you find yourself mostly cutting through painted steel sheets, an un-prepped aluminum sheet of ¾” thickness, and or rusted nickel. This system replaces the welding options of the CT520D with a down-to-earth pilot arc functionality. A great opportunity to cut out of position without compromising on quality or precision.

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, Dual Voltage 110V/220V, 1/2 Inch Clean Cut, Brown

The pilot arc function enables you to cut through painted metal and rough aluminum while minimizing slag or cutting slag back to zero if you did slow job in lieu of rushing things up. You only get subtle slag when suppose you were making a quick-fix for the customer and doing so with high frequency and speed. Again the pilot arc function lets you cut back on consumables consumption so that you have fewer consumables budget for the job. Meanwhile as recommended by Lotus feeding just any consumables type into the plasma torch does damage to it and to your operation. The two types of recommended consumables, however, are PCS22, PCS33, and PCS77 for either an NCP243 or an NCP133 torch. Stick to that and you have no hurdle on your way.

Connect cables and set gas compressor up via the pre-installed NPT ¼” industrial type plug unto the inverter as explained in the user’s manual. Though you wouldn’t need the manual as a seasoned welder/cutter operator for the setup. Plug the dual-voltage inverter into a power source of 110/120V or 220/240V to tap straight into a cutting machine shelling-out 10-50amps on all metal. From aluminum, mild steel, copper, to alloy steel and stainless steel. The Lotos LTP5000D system severs ¾” thick metal of all kind hassle-free while leaving a clean cut on ½” thick metal. Whether operating at 50Hz or 60Hz heat frequency Lotos built a PAPST advanced fan cooling system right inside this medium machine to prevent overheating.

Our verdict; Lotos LTP5000D is sturdy design of a plasma cutter built with attention to detail. You’ll readily pick it off of the shelf if you had an eye for portability, beauty, toughness, and compactness. We, however, recommend it for medium-sized garage owners, medium auto-repair shops, and especially journeyman engineers for its portability and lightweight. Not a combo system but this is great equipment for light-duty air plasma cutting operation. See the complete features of LTP5000D below.


  •         System application; air plasma cutting
  •         Inverter type; dual voltage
  •         Inverter input voltage; 110/120V and 220/240V
  •         Inverter output current; 10-50amps
  •         Duty cycle; 60% at 50amps
  •         Non-touch pilot arc
  •         Cooling system; PAPST advanced air cooling technology
  •         Plasma cutting torch
  •         Plasma torch size; 13ft
  •         Ground clamp; 6ft
  •         Air filter regulator
  •         Consumables
  •         Pre-installed NPT ¼” industry type plug
  •         Overall weight; 24.9pounds
  •         Overall inverter dimension; 15 × 6 × 12”
  •         Color; brown
  • Great system for craftsmen and light-duty cutting jobs
  • Clean cut with high precision on ½” metal
  • Straight severance operation on ¾” workpiece
  • Slag-free operation with the non-touch torch
  • For high-frequency start and low-frequency star
  • 1-minute setup
  • Dedicated cooling system
  • Great save on consumables
  • Easy to move around
  • Low maintenance and less storage space needed


  • Ground clamp is short and not all too strong
  • Doesn’t come with air compressor 
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Find your system of choice from our Lotus plasma cutter reviews for machines under 500 buckaroos? Great. Look below for 2 best plasma cutter under 300 from Lotus to cut back even further on a budget without keeping your feet off the edge!

 Lotus Plasma Cutter Reviews-2 Best Plasma cutter under 300

A low budget doesn’t literally mean low quality. It doesn’t mean flushing money into the toilet. Lotos have proved this over and over again with horribly low-price systems of great functionalities. Get bang for 300 bucks with any of our top 2 picks.

  1. Lotos LT3500 35amps Air Plasma Cutter

 DIYer? Get in here. As a DIYer, you’re probably just starting out on your putting-things-together journey. You have less to no experience with using any of the DIY equipment. You also need an entry-level unto each of those DIY designs spotted on your favorite DIY YouTube channel and your favorite Facebook group for DIYers. Therefore your DIY equipment/tools of choice must make up an arsenal of ease. Easy to set up. Easy to put to work and grow with. Easy to maintain. And overall your tools must make your journey smooth and steady while encouraging the development of skills. So for your crafts, cutting, and metal works we recommend the LT3500, and here is why.

Product Name: Lotos LT3500 35Amp Air Plasma Cutter, 2/5 Inch Clean Cut, 110V/120V Input with Pre Installed NPT Quick Connector, Portable

For one LT3500 is a portable and affordable cutting solution of durable design to get along with all your mistakes as a beginner. The torch is easy to tune with into your frequency of choice without looking at the manual for guidance. In lieu of oxyhydrogen cutting this plasma cutting solution like every other make your rest assure of a hazard-free operation with no to less spending on protection equipment. The only time you make the call for a pair of google or helmet is for painted metals cutting or rough metals. Other than that LT3500 is an intuitive and safety-wise system to jump-start with. Craft beginner’s designs on 2/5” thick steel with less effort and stress.

Scared of setting up a machine before use? No problem. Getting around with the setup of equipment as a beginner isn’t meant to be difficult. And Lotos makes it more like a walk-in-the-park. The LT3500 system comes ready to use right out of the box. The only job there is getting you connecting the pre-installed NPT ¼” industry type plug unto your air compressor. Then you connect your torch with the 110V inverter. All of this is done under 1 minute. See the user’s manual for the picture guide to setting it up. Though setting LT3500 up isn’t at all difficult. Simply plug on to a 110V power supply source to start your cut-and-craft journey with a smooth cut through any 2/5” steel or aluminum. See the complete features below.


  •         System application; Air plasma cutting
  •         Inverter type; single voltage digital inverter
  •         Inverter input voltage; 110V
  •         Inverter output current; 10-35amps
  •         Duty cycle; 30% at 30amps
  •         Frequency type; dual automatic frequency
  •         Frequency range; 50-60Hz
  •         Recommended maximum clean cut; 2/5”
  •         Recommended maximum severance; ½”
  •         Cutting torch
  •         Air filter
  •         Ground clamp
  •         Filter regulator
  •         Consumables
  •         Overall weight; 17.6lbs
  •         Overall dimension of inverter; 14 × 5.5 × 9”
  •         Color; brown
  • Best plasma cutter under 300
  • Great choice for DIYers (beginners especially)
  • Comes ready to use right out of the box
  • Comes with air filter plug for a tight connection
  • Perfect plasma cutter for craftsmen
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Precise cut solution
  • Hassle-free torch handling
  • Less maintenance required
  • Spare parts readily available
  • Comes with consumables
  • 30-days return warranty


  • Recommended only for the light-duty operation
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  1. Lotus LT5000D 50A Air Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110/220VAC

This is real. And when you look at it you begin to wonder why and question yourself why do I keep thinking less for less? There are low-budget plasma cutters on the market that deliver just as the pricy and expensive ones go for goodness sake. But you’d rather go for the neck-breaking models. Why? Fear! Fear of falling for the attractive low prices that you end up throwing out into the bin after two periods of usage. Two worst cutting periods of faulting-out, repair, and faulting out and over and over. Fear of having a box of frustration (which you expected to be a plasma cutter) delivered at your doorstep with no customer service to reach back to.

LOTOS LT5000D 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter Dual Voltage 110/220VAC 1/2

To keep you off the loop and bring you a mix of peace of mind and satisfaction we recommend LT5000D. It’s possible for a DIYer beginner to place our previous LT3500 over this LT5000D just for how simple the LT3500 is to set up and apply for the job. And that is alright and well. But for a DIYer who has been in the game for a while and is looking to step things up a bit, we recommend LT5000D. While placing itself at the top of the LT3500, Lotos LT5000 is a much durable system with higher ruggedness and resistance to forces. It comes as a cutter for a high-speed cut of 100% precision as needed by professional machine operators. More safety, more duty, at low price.

If you run an auto repair shop and are looking for an excellent bystander without exceeding your spending then you’re in for a great deal. Open the box up for an instant operation with the Lotos LT5000D. An excellent air inverter plasma cutter designed with MOFSET’s state-of-the-art upgraded transistors for higher frequency needed to slice through thick workpiece like butter. The power width modulation feature for output current expansion is only common among the high-price models so yes this is a lot of plasma cutter for the price. Then again as with most other new high output designs Lotus builds a stable PAPST advanced cooling system into this machine to keep overheating under control. See the complete specifications below.


  •         System application; air plasma cutting
  •         Inverter type; dual voltage
  •         Inverter input voltage; 110-220V
  •         Inverter output current; 10-50amps
  •         Frequency range; 50-60Hz
  •         Duty cycle at 110V; 60% upon 50amps
  •         Duty cycle at 220V; 60% upon 50amps
  •         3 prong plasma cutting torch; 9’9” long
  •         Ground clamp and cable; 6’9”
  •         4 clamps for air hose connection
  •         2 couplers for air hose connection
  •         Air filter and regulator; 0-150psi
  •         Length of input power cable; 6’
  •         Maximum mild steel thickness clean cutting capacity; 5/8” at 50amps
  •         Maximum stainless steel thickness clean cutting capacity; ½” at 50amps
  •         Maximum aluminum thickness clean cutting capacity; ½” at 50amps
  •         Maximum thickness for all metal upon severance; ¾” at 50amps
  •         Overall weight; 22.5lbs
  •         Overall dimension of the inverter; 15 × 6 × 12”
  • Best plasma cutter under 300 from lotus
  • Extended metal thickness clean cut
  • Comfortable handle for mobility
  • Super delivery on soft metal
  • Low noise
  • Industrial standard duty cycle
  • Great size on torch
  • 1 year warranty
  • Tough design
  • Compact built
  • Ready to use once out of the box


  • Consumables may be expensive to replace
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Lotos Plasma Cutter Reviews-Best Plasma Cutters Under 1000

Would you like big monsters instead? Heavy-duty metal-slicers for maximum results on the field and in the factory. We have made a top-of-the-lists collection of 3 front-liners up for grab below 1000 buckaroos. Check em’ out below.

  1. Lotos Technology LTP8000 80amp Non-touch Pilot Arc Air Plasma Cutter

Building roller carriages or car frames isn’t as easy as repairing broken pipe joints. Though for the latter you have to cut the broken pipe joints and prep the surfaces before weld in most cases. And operating with a pedal control or a 2T mode torch control is possible and works fine. But when it comes down to it really you’ll never be happy cutting chunks of sheets for your car frame building on a 2T torch. Yet a pedal control is as much inconvenient for the job. So what goes best? The 4T model torch. And speaking of which Lotos fleshes-out its LTP8000 model for every serious builders. A heavy-duty plasma cutter fixable for your table.

Lotos Technology LTP8000 80 Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Air Plasma Cutter, 1Lotos Technology LTP8000 80 Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Air Plasma Cutter, 1

Let’s start from the torch. A dual-mode torch control for 2T and 4T mode. The 4T-mode gives you a freehand cutting operation in which your torch keeps at the preset cutting amperage from start to finish without you having to change amperage over again. And the 2T mode is, of course, the conventional cutting route which is not advisable for large frame builders as it takes time, effort, and more work. And since this is a pilot arc air plasma torch for a no-contact metal-slicing between the torch and the workpiece your torch is far from contamination and so are your workpieces. No slag. Clean clear cut through rough metal or painted workpiece.

A MOFSET transistor set of two is built directly into the inverter to concentrate amperage for the high-frequency weld. Together with that Lotos PAPST advanced cooling system is included to beat down on the heat from the full high amperage. Get 100% duty cycle at 60amps and the industrial standard 60% duty cycle at 80amps on all weld. Enjoy an extended consumables life without compromising on cut quality. Slice through 1” aluminum or steel like butter or sever through 1-1/2” thick metal with ease between 50-60Hz frequencies. This is the machine for heavy-duty jobs. See the complete specifications below.


  •         System application; non-touch air plasma cutting
  •         Inverter type; dual voltage
  •         Inverter input voltage; 220/240V
  •         Inverter output current; 20-80amps
  •         Heat frequency; 50-60Hz dual-frequency
  •         Torch type; pilot arc torch (Dual mode; 2T/4T)
  •         Duty cycle at 80amps; 60%
  •         Duty cycle at 60amps; 100%
  •         Cooling system; PAPST advanced cooling system
  •         Pre-installed NPT ¼” industry type D plug for air filter-inverter connection
  •         Air filter
  •         Air hose
  •         cables
  •         Ground clamp
  •         Consumables
  •         Power width modulation
  •         Overall weight; 49pounds
  •         Inverter dimension; 19 × 8 × 12”
  •         Color; blue
  • Great cutter for frame builders and fieldworkers
  • Can be fixed to a table
  • Best for slag-free cut thanks to non-touch torch
  • Compact design with a tight connection
  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Consumables-wise heavy-duty machine
  • 4T mode is the icing on the cake
  • Extended cutting capacity
  • Stable power inverter
  • Comfy handle for mobility
  • Bright blue color for aesthetics


  • Heavy build
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  1. Plasma Cutter Lotos CUT60D 60amps Digital Control CNC Non-touch Pilot Plasma Cutter

Another heavy-duty option just above 500 bucks and it presents features exclusive to itself alone. Lotos CUT60D 60amps comes out of the box with a digital control panel for fast and easy configuration. It beats the LTP8000 above to dust except that our former LTP8000 guy shells out more power. So what’s the catch? 3 plasma functions in one place, that’s what’s up.

The first function is a continuous pilot arc mode that allows you to drive over the same position more than once for perfect cut through thick metals. The upside is that you are far away from damaging your nozzle as common with most continuous arc cutters. Most continuous arc cutters keep running through the previous cutout so you end up with a faulty nozzle in the long run. Therefore the pilot arc control circuit of CUT60D stops arc from bouncing back into the nozzle by sensing loss of current on the metal and ramping down on amperage. Then it automatically ramps up again when it senses the uncut metal surface.

The second of the 3 functions is the non-continuous pilot arc mode. It’s the conventional route of air plasma cutting where the included torch does a one-drive cut without returning to an already cut position. And finally the third. It’s the air arc gouging cutting option and the CUT60D does a perfect gouging job for heavily thick metal. Simply switch to the gouging mode on the control panel and hold your torch to the metal surface. At a high operation speed, you wouldn’t notice your cut area in its melting stage as the air jet clears the molten far away from causing defects on a workpiece. Unlike most gouging systems the Lotos CUT60D comes with the European standard ERGOCUT S65 torch for high cut precision. This makes sure that only the targeted point is cut without melting of the cut surface.

 The complete specs are listed below. But for when you are looking for an industrial metal-slicer for heavy-duty jobs, one that is attachable to a CNC table when needed we recommend this as Lotos’ best. You are able to slice through 4/5” steel or aluminum hassle-free. And the severance through 1/3” thick plate isn’t bad either.


  •         System application; non-touch air plasma cutting
  •         3 plasma function; gouge, continuous, non-continuous
  •         Inverter type; dual voltage
  •         Inverter input voltage; 110/120-220/240V
  •         Inverter output current; 60amps
  •         Frequency range; 50/60Hz
  •         Torch type; Trafimet ERGOCUT S65 torch
  •         NPT pre-installed ¼” industrial-style plug
  •         Air filter regulator
  •         Consumables
  •         CNC-enabled pre-installed 12 pins control interface
  •         Inverter dimension; 26.7 × 7.6 × 14.6”
  •         Overall weight; 31.3pounds
  • 3 systems for the money
  • Unlimited cut capacity on gouging
  • Expensive torch gun type
  • Heavy-duty power inverter
  • CNC-enabled
  • Easy digital control
  • Tough design made to last
  • Great multi-purpose welder not-combo
  • Precise cutting
  • Simple setup


  •         Top price 
  1. Lotos LTP7000 GBT 70 Amps Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

We’d have created a separate list for 700 bucks models in the heavy-duty category. But since this is the only best plasma cutter at 700 from Lotos giving it a position among the 1000 models isn’t at all bad. By the way, with no regards to price, Lotos LTP7000 metal-cutter fits into the 1000 models league perfectly judging by performance.

Open up the box to pick up a pilot arc torch designed for non-touch cutting. Make the first arc without touching the gun to your base metal. Slice through 7/8” thick aluminum or steel perfectly at first cut with no prep job to do at the end so you can weld straight after a cut or create time for some other things. Sever 1-1/4” thick material hassle-free to minimize prepping at the end. Create designs as a crafty and creative metalworker with full control over cutting speed and precision.

The LTP7000 is equipped with the same MOSFET transistors found in the high-end monsters to enable straight-line power control whenever wherever. These transistors optimize power output by securing the exact output command you set up on the control interface. When you set up for high frequency cut the inbuilt PAPST advanced German system dedicated for air-cooling works at its highest to beat down the heat to a minimum. This feature does not only take care of the nightmare of working in an overheated confined space but also works together with the pilot arc function of the torch to extend nozzle and gun life.

For journeyman metalworkers looking for a heavy-duty high-functional cutting system for the job, one that is easy to travel with and is of less price, we recommend the LTP7000. Coming as a reasonable weight inverter two comfortable adjustable handles are fixed to the blue system for two-person carriage. Complete specifications below.


  •         System application; air plasma cutting
  •         Inverter type; single voltage
  •         Inverter input voltage; 220V
  •         Inverter maximum output current; 20amps to 70amps
  •         Torch type; pilot arc torch
  •         Heat frequency range; 50-60Hz
  •         Minimum duty cycle; 100% at 50amps
  •         Maximum duty cycle; 60% at 70amps
  •         Maximum thickness of metal to cut perfectly; 7/8”
  •         Maximum thickness of metal to sever perfectly; 1-1/4”
  •         Inverter weight; 65.6pounds
  •         Power cord
  •         Power plug
  •         Air hose
  •         Air hose connector
  •         2 nozzles
  •         2 electrodes
  •         Air filter regulator
  •         Inverter color; blue
  • Great inverter for the money
  • Slag-free operation
  • Made to last design
  • Super cutter for traveler engineers
  • Easy to carry from station to station
  • Extended cutting capacity
  • Durable torch
  • Less storage space needed
  • Less maintenance needed
  • No setup needed


  • Included consumables not all too great

Consider that a round-off for our beat-the-packs Lotos plasma cutter reviews. Now suppose you found your way through Harbor Freight’s doors and stumble over a “great-deal” (insert horribly low-price) on a plasma cutter. What should you judge the cutting-system by so you don’t end up being caught up by your miserliness? We explain everything, equipping you with all the bells and whistles needed to escape being lied to and required to making the right choice. See the next header.

Lotos Plasma Cutter Buying Guide

A quick one though. Before stepping through the doors in the first place you need to give honest answers to these 3 important questions below…

  1.   What do I need a cutter for? Sounds silly but without a deep open questioning about why you need a plasma cutter the market is going to play around with you. Often than not most people, beginners especially, opt for Lotos products because of the hype around them. That we have no problem with. Lotos products are beaters. And there are a series of them for a series of purposes. So what purpose would you want your system to serve you? Cut soft aluminum with zero slags? Practice air plasma cutting? Slice materials for your metalwork designs? Come up with whatever your answer is and jump to question number…
  2.   Where and how often do I slice metals? This is your one million dollar question to having a sneak peek upon your future experience with a metal-slashing machine. Do you see yourself as someone who does 2 hours every day slashing and joining metals? Indoors? Outdoors? Looking forward to traveling often with your Lotos air plasma slasher?
  3.   My level in the game… for how long have you been in the metalwork industry? How much experience have you garnered? Are you able to set up just any system without looking at the setup manuals? Do you confidently operate all the plasma cutters that come your way with no bottleneck? Both the digitally controlled systems and manually-operated? Which are you most convenient with? With which do you perform at your best considering speed, precision, control, and operation comfort?

Answered all of that? Great. Now to the buyer’s guide. First thing first…

Amperage; is the factor we held most in mind when making our picks of Lotos bests before coming up with the recommendations in our Lotos plasma cutter reviews. And you want to pay as much attention as we did. The amperage of an air plasma cutter is usually boldly written on the power inverter though also found in the user’s manual and sometimes on the torch. It is the amount of current you get from the inverter every second once plugged on to a power source. And every cutter has both low and high amperage. The amperage determines the cutting capacity (which we explain next) of your system. The kind of job you do determines what amperage to go for. However, we recommend 20-50amps for light-duty operation on soft materials. Then for a heavy-duty job on thick metals you may go for a 20-80amps.

Cutting capacity; of your unit is the measure of material thickness it cuts. In other words, cutting capacity means the kind of metal, based on thickness and softness, a unit is capable of slashing through with no problem. And as mentioned before it is determined by a unit’s amperage. How do you design upon the ideal cutting capacity for your venture? Simple? Figure out how thick the aluminum or steel or whatever material you usually cut is. If the highest you’ll ever be doing wouldn’t go beyond ¼” then your unit must have a cutting capacity of ¼” at least. But know that the best result a cutter unit would ever promise depends greatly on its cutting capacity.

Severance capacity; measures how far your operation can go through a metal of a specific thickness at minimum cleanliness. That is how thick your workpiece would be for a considered unit to slash through it with a less perfect cut. When you cut through a specific workpiece or sheet with less ease and the result is two ugly cut surfaces then have you severed the metal. This severance is in measure and how much severance capacity you should look out for depends on if you are looking to do a severance job in the future. If you’d notice in our Lotos plasma cutter review you’d see that we recommend ½” to 3/4” units for light-duty operations and above that for heavy-duties. But if this is not an important feature if you don’t see yourself engaged for a severance operation with your unit.

Voltage; is the amount of power needed to make your inverter work for you. For journeymen and field cutter operators we recommend dual voltage inverters as they tend to be less picky on the power source, becoming versatile in the long run.

Torch; in all conditions, a good plasma cutter is judged by its torch. How functional is it? What’s the range of the heat frequency? How responsive is the torch? Then you may look if your considered unit comes with a pilot arc torch. This torch type is known to cut metal perfectly and neatly without slag. Simply because the torch doesn’t have to the workpiece before cutting occurs. Again make sure replacements are readily available at a great price for the identified torch.

Duty cycle; is a measurement for how long a unit stays on the job without overheating before cooling down. For example, if you went for a system of 40% duty cycle it means that you would keep cutting at your preset amperage, frequency, and voltage for 4.5 minutes out of 10 minutes before your unit ramps down to inertia to ramp up again to the preset. Get the picture? Then you may make the right decision.

Air compressor; you definitely know what the air compressor is or you wouldn’t be looking air plasma cutter up. Some units come with inbuilt air compressors along with an air-filter regulator. These models are great for working on the field without splashing out extra on air compressors. But whatever the case may be, the top priority is having a responsive air compressor that doesn’t disappoint in any way on your side.

Weight and handles; lightweight units for traveler engineers and field workers, heavy-weight for shop owners looking to make their units static. That’s the good rule of thumb. Nevertheless, in both cases, your unit must feature a comfortable handle for easy movement when needed.

Consumables; notice the units in our honest Lotos plasma cutter reviews come with consumables. What’s more important is looking it up if the consumables recommended for your unit are readily available. Don’t wait on your engineer buddy to get some from.


Lotos is great but you’re the hero. You deserve confidence, control, performance, comfort, and peace of mind when in the work station. That is why we’ve handpicked only the topliners from several shelves. Let us know in the comments however should you need more guidance buying your cutter from Lotos.