Lotos LTP5000D Review; Fad Or Legit?

There’s been a hell of a craze and buzz around the Lotos LT5000D  plasma cutter ever since it took a big stride into the market with its pilot arc function far back as 2010. While it’s a bad gamble to some, it has a lot of standings from many experts and plasma cutter beginners alike. You’d notice this from the hundreds of reviews on the product’s page and find yourself standing on the wall. To help you know what ground to jump on, we have made this Lotos LTP5000D review from real-life experience. If you want a quick yes-or-no answer, see the next heading for why, what, and who this cutter machine is great for— and is not. Otherwise, we have stretched out the details and reviewed the unit from part to part in the heading after that. Also, in the heading before the conclusion, we answer the frequently asked questions about the LTP5000D unit. Let’s dig in.

Lotos LTP5000D 50Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter, Dual Voltage 110V/220V, 1/2 Inch Clean Cut, Brown

Lotos LT5000D At A Glance

Who Is It Great For?

this is the most important aspect of this plasma cutter Lotos review.

  • Hobbyists and DIYers; For hobbyists looking to cut mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum sheets for home welding projects, the LTP5000D offers simplicity and performance. You’re able to make a one-pass clean cut through ½” thick metal sheet with no prepping work needed. You can even sever a ¾” thick material at a pass. But that leaves you with rough-cut surfaces, to be made perfect at more passes. Another upside is that the power inverter is quite on the lightweight size and low-noise category. Easy to carry, store away, and perform a silent operation without disturbing the neighbors.
  • Plasma Beginners; It is also one of the great recommendations that provide a means for a plasma cutting beginner who is pretty new to the game. Though you’re cut off the opportunity of learning how to assemble a plasma cutter as this one comes assembled. Nevertheless, when it comes to setting up the machine for your tasks, the setup chart coupled with the comprehensive user’s manual comes in handy. Also, given that the included torch is a pilot arc torch. You can cut-out shapes smoothly with no contact between the gun tip and your metal sheet. This way, you prevent slag, extend consumables life, and get a professional cut quality even as a beginner. Unlike most plasma cutters Lotos designs, the LTP5000D uses a nonhazardous compressed air, and the setup takes just a minute.
  • Plasma cutting experts; While this Lotos system may be a heavy-duty Lotos plasma cutter system, buying it for heavier operations like pipeline fabrications or assemble line operations is a waste of investment. The heavy-duty purposes for which it is recommended include; equipment repairs, farm machine repair, garage usage, and auto repairs. When purchased for fieldwork, anyways, the cutting system should not be used frequently for its weak cutting gun. Otherwise, go for the heavier plasma cutters. The air gauge hose is pretty weak too and will leak in the long run. But if you could make a better torch replacement and replace the air gauge hose, you’ll get at most a year from the system for your assembly line operations. (Must have paid for itself over and over before faulting out, right?)

What Is It Great For?

  • Clean Cuts And High Cutting Speed; for one, you can always expect accuracy when slicing through sheets with this machine. To speed up heavy-duty projects, especially for your auto repair store, this Lotos model has a maximized cutting speed for all types of metal between the thickness of 10 gauge and ½”. The suitable materials to cut through are; mild steel, aluminum, alloy steel, and copper. And you can cut while operating between 10psi to 150psi on the air compressor without an external amplifier. Likewise, with the pilot arc gun, your metals just get more cleaner without ruining the gun’s nuzzle.
  • High Performance; get a pigtail to run this machine on high-frequencies from 50Hz to 60Hz when connected to your 220V outlet. You can perform the same 50Hz or 60Hz high-frequency cuts when connected to a 110v outlet. The 110/120V and 220/240V can be automated as well so you can spend more time hitting a cleaner cut with less hassle. Finally, at the maximum amperage of 50amps, you put 60% of your time to welding with 40% downtime meant to cool the torch at high frequency. While the 60% duty cycle may be the standard industrial duty cycle, for beginners, you can reduce that to 40% to slow things down a bit. Overall, this Lotos model increases performance by 30% on light-duty plasma cutting.
  • Safe And Easy operate; Lotos LT5000D is powered by an IGBT inverter, one that is portable with a keep-it-simple-stupid control panel. This way, you escape the complication of the sophisticated transformer-based cutters that are not only heavy but overwhelming in control. The 22.5lbs lightweight inverter also comes with one carrier handle, comfortable to the hand, and tough to withstand the weight. In the same light, a fan-based cooling system is built into the inverter to beat down the heat, and ensure that you have a stable power supply while making sure that your investment is protected from breakdowns caused by overheating. The power cable is well insulated to prevent sudden shocks. And the ground cable is grounded for the same reason.
  • Versatility; as a traveler plasma cutter operator, your preferred cutting machine should be versatile enough to be used anywhere. Exactly why we think the Lotos LTP5000D is a great fit. Also for auto repair business runners, this machine maintains the same performance on connection to a 110/120 or 220/240V outlet. There’s an air filter regulator that connects tightly with your air compressor if you have one with a stand coupler. Speak of stability and toughness of a cutting machine. Lotos LTP5000D is a compact, steel-built machine with all parts tightly packed together to last. For a tight connection to your power outlet, Lotos LTP5000D comes with NPT1/4” industrial type D power plug. Finally, all cables, including power cable and torch cable, are extended and insulated with flexible but tough rubber for out of position cutting with no need to move the inverter. See the complete features below.

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  • System operation; No-Touch Plasma Cutting
  • Input voltage; 110/220V
  • Input current; 20amps
  • Frequency; 50/60Hz
  • Maximum output amperage; 50amps
  • Power supply type; IGBT inverter-based (not transformer)
  • Duty cycle; 60% @ 110V or 220V
  • Power cable length; 6ft
  • Recommended gas pressure; 3.5scfm @ 65psi
  • Air filter with regulator
  • Minimum cutting capacity; 10 gauges
  • Maximum cutting capacity; ½” and ¾”
  • Recommended materials; alloy aluminum, aluminum, steel, copper, stainless steel
  • Ground clamp cable length; 6ft
  • The cutting torch; 13ft
  • Compatible consumable; Lotus PS22
  • Compatible consumable 2; Lotus P33
  • Cooling fans; advanced 100V rated


  • Lightweight inverter for traveler engineer
  • Maximized cutting speed for faster operations
  • Compact, sturdy machine made to last
  • Adjustable industrial standard duty cycle
  • Frequency automation
  • No-touch plasma cutting for a cleaner, smooth cut
  • Extended cutting torch cable allows for out of position operation
  • Simple air regulator configuration
  • Safety-wise unit at low cost
  • Comfy, solid-grip handle for easy mobility
  • Sleek, brown painting to withstand corrosion
  • Advanced cooling fans for durable, stable operation
  • A versatile machine, useable anywhere regardless of outlet power
  • Recommended for silent operation
  • Low power usage
  • 1 + 6 months warranty
  • Great plasma cutter beginners
  • Small size inverter can be stored easily
  • No assembly needed


  • The weak hose may leak on constant, heavy-duty usage
  • Light-duty torch, not too strong
  • The torch is picky on consumables

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Frequently Asked Question

  • Do you need gas to run this machine; unlike most other plasma cutters, no bottled gas is needed but you’ll need an air compressor with a female quick disconnect
  • What do you need to run Lotos LTP5000D; a 110/220V power adapter, ceramic insulators, tips, and more consumables
  • Does it run on the dryer outlet; yes. Though the recommended plug is NEMA L6-30 a plug
  • Does it come with air hose fitting; yes. Lotos LTP5000D comes with air hose clips and connectors
  • What’s the best torch replacement; CP133 torch
  • Is this usable with a CNC plasma table; not recommended
  • Where is the Lotos LTP5000D plasma cutter made; this is a made in China unit. But it’s a great machine. Not one of the Chinese knock-offs on the market today.

About The Manufacturer

Lotus is a well-reputed Chinese manufacturer of welders, cutters, consumables, and other engineering equipment. They are known to offer high-quality cutting tools and welders, employing the latest technologies such as the MOSFET high-frequency IGBT inverter-based units. Their targets are DIYers, expert engineers, traveler welder operators, and auto repair shop runners.

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Plasma cutting makes your cutting tasks fast, easy, and more yielding. But a no-touch plasma cutter makes your operations clean and accurate. But again, choosing the right model from the hundreds of the packs of them on the market isn’t as easy. While you may have read sponsored success stories about this Lotus model, we have put this detailed review together to help you bypass the confusion. A final note though. The Lotos LTP5000D comes in red and brown types. These two share the same name but they differ on the compatibility of consumables. Note that the Amazon program an affiliate advertising of which we are a member. We earn a percentage from the affiliate advertising at no cost to you.