Lincoln Bulldog 5500 Review

One of the most important factors in our lives but yet appears constantly underemphasized is the need for comfort. Constant access to this sole factor is the one thing that makes our lives very much longer. It ensures our growth and development because it brings more productivity than its counterpart. Because of this much-needed significance of comfort we need constant access to it in our homes and our work life. Emphasis more on our work life, if we want to make a hobby out of our work life, and we want to love what we do, it is crucial that we constantly experience some comfort in it. 

One of the very interesting jobs that do not afford us this much-needed comfort is welding. Welding works tend to bring difficulties except definitely when we have got the best gears ready for work. One primary gear that brings much comfort to our welding work is welding generators. The peace of mind a welder gets from using a very capable welding generator that does all the job it is needed for is intense. For efficiency and fluidity, you really need an engine-driven welder that will suit your purpose and fulfill all that you need it for. 

Engine Driven Welder, Bulldog 5500

Speaking of engine driven welders, one good welding generator that will really grant you your heart desires and make your welding job a more lovable experience is the Lincoln Bulldog 5500, especially if you an on and off welder who doesn’t take serious welding as their career. If you are not taking welding as your career and you just want to be able to comfortably do your welds from time to time at the comfort of your home then Lincoln Bulldog 5500 is your one go. 

Now, as a home welder, you would need an engine-driven welder that affords much needed comfort such as portability and easy accessibility and more importantly the ability to handle all that you intend it for. I tell you, to get a welding generator that does all these is not easy to come by. And the problem we constantly encounter as home welders is a low power supply of our welding generator because most times our engine-driven welders are able to handle normal light operations but not heavy ones and if the ones that are usually able to handle heavy operations are most times not in the least portable. And this is where Lincoln Bulldog 5500 comes in. As an engine-driven welder, Lincoln Bulldog 5500 is able to focus on effectiveness and portability to complement the much comfort you need. 

This is why you need to go through our review of Lincoln Bulldog 5500 below so that you can get the relevant information about Lincoln Bulldog 5500 whenever you are making the decision of an engine-driven welder. 

The Lincoln Bulldog 5500 

Talk about the quality, this is really one of the most superb and finely made welder generator you can ever get. And even their brand name Lincoln has established a positive reputation in the market over the years. Most customers have always commended Lincoln Bulldog 5500 in the positive light. Especially in terms of the stable fluid operation, it offers and the ease of use when operating it. It has offered constant stability during operations and no difficulty at all in usage. And this precision and smoothness in its mode of operation is the cause for satisfaction among most customers using the Lincoln Bulldog 5500.

Now, if you are a pro or an industry welder that is always used to executing massive and ruggedly heavy-duty welding works, then I will say this Lincoln Bulldog 5500 was never meant for you. However, if you are a homeowner or an off and on the welder, who will require some really good heavy power supply and reasonable portability for their welding or stick welding operations then Lincoln Bulldog 5500 would come as a great asset you can never regret buying. 

This is because Lincoln Bulldog 5500 has been tested and proven perfect to be the best for casual welders because of the much comfort and optimum effectiveness it is able to offer hence, there is usually much productivity at the end of your welding operation. Again, you should never intend this for industry or professional welding usage, however, if you a home-based welder or a casual one, or even a professional welder who intend to engage in some other not so heavy welding operations at home, then you can always go for the Lincoln Bulldog 5500. 

Features of Lincoln Bulldog 5500 

  1. Power Supply 

As a casual welder, that will go for the better safe than the sorry option, you should focus on a welder machine that is able to handle averagely heavy operations such as pumping, motor starting, grinding, or even emergency power. But many of these welding machines are usually heavy in weight because of their heavy-duty operations, you will hardly find a heavy-duty welding generator that is not heavy. However, this is not the case of the rare ones such as the  Lincoln Bulldog 5500. 

The Lincoln Bulldog 5500 is an AC engine-driven welder that has the ability to deliver 4000 watts at a long stretch of hours during operation. And it has a power surge of up to 5500 watts at its best. This is strong enough because this kind of power current is able to handle many operations such as pump, grinding, motor power up and other kinds of emergency operations you might intend to carry out. And since such heavy operations can be handled well it is an assurance that your stick welding and other welding operations will also be covered by the  Lincoln Bulldog 5500. 

Apart from the maintenance and repair function or the farm and ranch operations.  Lincoln Bulldog 5500 offers the opportunity of welding steel, stainless steel, cast iron, other hard texture products. It allows for up to 1/8 stick electrode. In fact, you could connect a Power Mig 140c or 180c when you intend to do some wire welding operations. 

  1. Maintenance and Management 

When there you spend almost nothing or little on your welding generator, you should know that you have got yourself a fortune engine driven welder. When it comes to tank capacity of a welding generator, getting one that has the large capacity of holding enough fuel that has that you don’t have to bother about refueling your tank from time to time is the best option. Whether you are a pro or a casual welder it is always beneficial for you since you won’t need to worry about refilling your welding generator when you plan to go on a long stretch of hours in your welding operation. 

The  Lincoln Bulldog 5500 is gasoline-powered. This is a huge plus because compared to diesel engine driven generator, gasoline-powered machines are more efficient and tend to optimize fuel usage to bring productivity.  Lincoln Bulldog 5500 has a large fuel tank capacity that can contain up to seven gallons of fuel. With this, managing Lincoln Bulldog 5500 has been much very easy than other similar engine-driven generators. 

Also,  Lincoln Bulldog 5500 has an oil cap area that can be maintained and cleaned with no difficulty. The oil tank has a 1.9-gallon capacity that eliminates constantly refueling and allows for extended run times operations. And the oil tank has a large mouth that eliminates the need for constant use of filter when refilling the tank. 

And all worries about constantly shutting down the power station before refueling are eliminated because  Lincoln Bulldog 5500 is designed with a Kohler gas engine the comes with the automatic shut off function that is triggered when it is low in fuel. With all these in play, every technical process is eliminated and this is a good thing especially for beginners who have little experience with welding generators. 

  1. Portability and Durability

Owning an engine-driven welding generator that can be easily transferred from one place to the other on different work sites is usually the dream of many professional welders. If you are a casual welder you may not really need the portability because of light operations, however, it is still a plus if you have a welding generator that is lightweight and can be used everywhere. 

As for Lincoln Bulldog 5500, It has the largest tube frame diameter of its class. It is designed with a 32mm diameter sturdy tube frame that assures the much-needed durability. The tube frame is designed with low-grab bars that come as an added advantage for portability. This also a compliment for the welding generator’s longevity. 

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  1. Stick Welding 

Lincoln Bulldog 5500 is perfectly designed for stick welding operations. It is an AC engine-driven welder that can produce about 140 amps of AC output. It has no DC output option however but the 4000 continuous watt power supply Kohler engine allows for up 1/8 stick electrode. Lincoln Bulldog 5500 is an engine-driven welder that is best for stick welding. 

  1. Quality

Another fascinating feature of Lincoln Bulldog 5500 is the quality materials used in designing the welding generator. It has is one unique welding generator that doesn’t get hot during operation. It has a temperature of about 40ºC. So it is able to power sensitive electronics safely. Also, it is ISO certified. There is high-quality insulation because the rotor and many other engine parts are designed only with copper. This complements its longevity. 

Since the rugged tube frame of Lincoln Bulldog 5500 is painted in red and black gloss, the durability of Lincoln Bulldog 5500 is enhanced and every possibility of rust and corrosion is eliminated. And with high resistance against the UV rays that might be produced during your welding operation, it is able to retain its color and gloss for a very long time. 

  1. Ease of Operation

Lincoln Bulldog 5500 affords you every comfort you need in operating a typically welding generator. You require just basic knowledge in operating the control panel and other parts of the generator. And the control section is designed with an hour meter to inform you of any scheduled maintenance after an operation. And the output amps are protected by the output control dial. 

  1. Comfort 

Lincoln Bulldog 5500 is an engine-driven welding machine that offers you every comfort you will need in your home. When it comes to noise, it produces the least noise possible, even lower than many engine driven welders in a similar category. More often than not, it produces about 78 decibels of sound level and at a lower level, it produces about a hundred decibels of sound level. With Lincoln Bulldog 5500, there is almost no machine that can ever be quieter. 

  • Perfectly made for stick welding and other welding operations
  • Affords many heavy operations such as blending, grinding, pumping and other emergency power. 
  • It comes with low grab bars to complement portability. 
  • Can operate on a low noise level
  • Allows for easy management
  • Lightweight and durable
  • No technicality needed to operate it
  • Made with a rugged tube frame to assure longevity
  • Designed with a 5500 watts power surge and 4000 watts continuous power supply
  • Comes with a three years warranty 
  • It is very affordable and easy to get. 
  • Allows for 1/8 stick electrode.
  • Optimal fuel management for productivity. 

It is unable to handle very high welding operations that professionals need. 

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Lincoln Bulldog 5500 is really an engine-driven welder that you should get if you are a casual welder or you prefer doing secondary welding work at home. Lincoln Bulldog 5500 is one unique welding generator that comes with a 3-year warranty. This is really good enough for you to confirm its longevity since many engines or electronics would tend to develop some fault in a very shorter time. Again, Lincoln Bulldog 5500 is one good welding generator you should go for if you intend to do not so heavy operation. And the good news is that it is very much affordable than other welding generators in similar categories. So all you need is plan your budget to get this engine-driven welder because it is worth every penny that it costs. 

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