Best CNC Routers for Aluminum

Aluminum has proven its constancy throughout the history of mankind. They are very common and very useful. They are needed everywhere; in our homes, computers, mobile phones, planes, trains, cars, bikes, and other essential consumer goods around us. We use them daily and they are used in all existing industries; construction, manufacturing, electrical, and others. In fact, they are one of the critical engineering materials of our time. Why is this so? Why do we need them so much? Why do we use them so much? This perhaps may be due to their versatile nature. First, they are very abundant in the earth’s crust. More importantly, they are very strong, lightweight, durable, resistant to rust or corrosion, malleable, odorless, and ductile. 

So you are looking for some CNC Router that will cut the aluminum you have got in your home. Perhaps, you have one but you only use it for cutting wood and plastic and you have been wondering if possible you could use it to cut some aluminum. Well, you are right, you can use it and you will be just fine. You can use your CNC Router to cut them only if you have not got a ton of aluminums in your house. More importantly, you must have had some experience or knowledge in using a CNC router to your aluminum. So you need some tricks in knowing how your aluminum is the right way, else, the cutters might break or wear out much faster than they would. Plus the surface finish will be poor. 

No doubt, every router can be used to cut aluminum. However, there are some CNC routers specifically designed to cut aluminum and these are the ones with standard carbide bits. CNC routers with fragile bits are likely to break easily or wear out when they are used on aluminum. It is only the best CNC routers for aluminum that offers a higher level of productivity and consistently deliver precise work. With the best CNC routers, you can go all ahead in cutting, carving, milling, drilling, engraving, contouring, signing letter fabrication, producing samples and exhibits at shows. There are many kinds of CNC routers for cutting or fabricating aluming. So whether you are a small shop owner or a regular maker or someone who wants to enjoy the satisfaction of producing a factory-grade metal at home, how are you successfully able to pick the best CNC router for your aluminum? Well as much as this depends largely on your requirements in line with your budget plan, you might want to go through the guide below in deciding which CNC router is the best for cutting your aluminum. 

The Best CNC Routers for Aluminum are. 

  • BobsCNC E3 CNC Router Engraver Kit with the Router 
  • VEVOR CNC 3018 CNC Router Kit 3 Axis CNC Router Machine 
  • MY SWEETY CNC 1610 Pro 
  • SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-MX3

Comparison Table of the Top 5 CNC Routers for Aluminum.

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The 5 Best CNC Routers for Aluminum

  1. BobsCNC E3 CNC Router Engraver Kit with the Router 

This CNC is quite appealing. With all the innumerable functions you might find this one tempting. It is very affordable and it operates by using GBRL to interpret the G-code sent to it by the UGS. It also has and F-grave, a software that turns pictures into g-code however, you will need two application software to operate it. The first one is where you make your designs in specifying the type of engraving you want and the second is the application that will read the g-code and send the instructions to the CNC machine. And there is an NC corrector attached which allows you to graphically view the g-code and edit it. It has a lot of accommodation for different router bits so it can go as far as cutting through a 3-inch thick wood. 

It is the perfect tool for engraving, whether you want your engraving to be made on an object as small as a pen or as large as a door, it will do a good job. When you use the right bits, it is also good for other purposes such as precision drilling engraving, or cutting. It has a very fast rpm motor so you might want to consider changing the motor if you are doing delicate engraving jobs on your aluminum which would require a slower process than drilling wood. 

It also comes with a full packed kit that contains everything routers motors, software for controlling it and other important electronics you might be needing. 

  • It is very affordable and good for your aluminum
  • It comes with a full packed kit
  • It is very good for your engraving
  • The fast motor speed is good for wood drilling
  • It is an all-rounder so it does all kinds of jobs on different types of surfaces: hard aluminum and woods. 
  • It is lightweight and not very large
  • It is not the best for precision works as you might need to attach other tools to it
  • The fast motor speed is not good for your aluminum works. 
  • It takes a long time in assembling and operating it.
  1. VEVOR CNC 3018 CNC Router Kit 3 Axis CNC Router Machine. 

This is a CNC router that is also good for your woodwork and soft aluminum materials you wish to handle. It is manufactured from the latest modern materials so it will definitely do a good job for you, for a very long time. Its capabilities are rare since it is able to do high precision works on your aluminum. It is very simple to operate and assemble. With a USB connection to the computer, it is able to use GRBL controls to function well. It has a rotor speed of 10000 rpm which although seems slower than its counterpart but it gives it the edge of shaping out the correct engravings you wanted. As a result, it can be used to make beautiful engravings on almost different types of surface plastics, acrylics,  woods, and soft aluminum. 

What seems really nice about this CNC is the affordability. It is very cheap, and yet It is packaged with a lot of tools such as stepper motors, screw rods, driving units, a spindle motor, and a battery-operated light. As much as it is easy to operate and assemble, you will need to rely only on the explanations given in the video tutorial because it does not come with a written manual. You will really like the CNC router when you get one. It is unique, effective, and very portable. 

  • It is small and lightweight which affords you the portability of usage. 
  • It is very affordable compared to all that it does. 
  • It is easy to use because of its simple to operate functions
  • It comes with a lot of packages that will be useful to you during operations. 
  • It is made of the latest durable materials that will offer it a long life. 
  • It is simple to assemble. 
  • It is able to handle most operations from engraving to precision cutting and similar operations.
  • It can not operate well on hard surface materials such as metal. 
  • It has the average speed of 10000rpm during operations which may seem a bit slow to pros. 
  • It does not come with a printed written manual guide, only the electronic one.
  1. MY SWEETY CNC 1610 Pro 

When we talk about the best, this is definitely one of them. It is very affordable and works very wonderfully. One thing that will make you fall in love with this machine is the offline controller. It has an offline controller to help it operate as effectively as when connected to a computer. So the offline controller can not be combined with the computer during usage it is either the computer or your offline controller. You don’t need your computer or download software files before you are able to operate your CNC, all you need is manually setting your XYZ axes as the starting points of your carving and linking the offline board to your GRBL board for engraving.  

This CNC is an upgraded version so it is able to perform all functions and even more with all its compactness and lightweight quality. This is one of the best CNC routers for aluminum you can ever get in your home mainly because it is very affordable and very efficient. However, this CNC router requires some technicality in usage because it comes with some preassembled component and you need to follow the installation instructions very carefully before assembling the other parts. The CNC router is not good for hard-surfaced materials, it is only good on wood, plastic, PVC, and soft aluminum. 

  • It is cheap and affordable
  • It is lightweight, small and compact
  • With the offline controller, It can be operated without a computer. 
  • It is able to perform different functions well enough: engraving, drilling, precision design, and others. 
  • It is simple to operate.
  • It cannot work well on very hard surfaces: it only does well on  wood, plastics, PVCs, and aluminum
  • It is difficult to assemble and use. 
  • It has an average motor speed of 10000 rpm.
  1. SainSmart Genmitsu CNC Router Machine 3018-MX3.

If you ever make a choice of getting this, you should know that you have made an excellent choice because you will never regret the decision. This is a desktop CNC that is fully loaded. The manufacturers did a good job of perfecting the machine. Perhaps because it is the latest of the 3018 desktop series it has all the modern functions. 

Of course, a modern CNC router like this will definitely come with an offline controller with a 1.8 screen display for providing simple instructions on how to manually control your computer. Even more, it comes with an easily accessible emergency stop control for the immediate shutting down of the machine when things get fussy. Also, this is a pre-assembled CNC router that involves less than a 15-minute easy assemblage of other parts. This is far better than many other CNC routers which involve more than two hours before assemblage. 

Whether you are a beginner or pro, you are very lucky if you are able to get this CNC router because it has many more designs you can ever imagine. Apart from the normal GRBL board, it is designed with more powerful longlasting Toshiba drivers along with added Optocouplers that will protect your mainboard from hard stops and risks of damage. And they also help to eliminate signal noise for a smooth and consistent operation. It also comes with acrylic safety baffles that act as a protective barrier against flying pieces of cutaway materials and to help contain dust allowing for cleaner operations while safely monitoring the engraving process. And for pros, it comes with a laser module that allows different ways of practicing your experiences and creativity. 

  • It is very cheap when compared to all the nice functions it does. 
  • The pre-assembled CNC machine allows for only a few parts to be assembled making it easy for beginners. 
  • It comes with powerful drivers and optocouplers give the machine a longer life. 
  • For a smooth operation, all disturbing noises are also eliminated. 
  • It comes with acrylic baffles that allow for clean operation. 
  • There are many other drivers that afford more opportunities for making creative designs during operation. 
  • It is easy to operate
  • It is lightweight, small and very portable. 
  • It is able to handle all types of operations on different surfaces; engraving, precision cutting, and many others.
  • It only operates well on not too hard surfaces such as wood, plastics, PVCs, and aluminum
  • It has an average motor speed of 10000 rpm.
  1. MY SWEETY DIY CNC 3018-PRO 3.

This one is just a perfection of My Sweety 1610 pro. It has got all you need to make those nice engravings, milling, carving, and any other operation you want to embark on. It has everything. An offline controller with a longer extension rod so that you don’t need to connect to your computer or start downloading files for your operation, all you need is just setting your XYZ axes manually as the starting points of your carving and linking the offline board to your GRBL board for engraving. This CNC router does all that its predecessor does and even more. It is specially designed with a cooling fan for cooler operations or more appropriately force heat dissipation.  

There is also an upgraded GRBL control board designed to extend the life of the main control board and protect it from damage. And it is able to support 2000rpm spindle and even more powerful ones. The machine has a strong sturdy frame for running, engraving better and handling more stable operations. This machine also has a very powerful motor that can do so at the rate of 41000rpm speed enabling it to cut very quickly into woods that are as thick as having 25mm of depth. This CNC router is also laser compatible which allows for precision engraving. What is more, it also comes with protective goggles to ensure safety during operations. This comes in handy. 

  • The kit is heavily packed with several kinds of accessories to guarantee a pleasant experience. 
  • It has an upgraded control board to elongate the life of the machine
  • The sturdy design of the CNC router allows for more stable smooth operation
  • It has a very fast motor speed for quick operations. 
  • It is laser compatible enabling the machine to effectively handle other operations such as precision engraving. 
  • It is lightweight and portable. 
  • It is cheap and affordable. 
  • The software is easy to install.
  • It difficult to assemble 
  • it only operates well on not too hard surfaces such as wood, plastics, PVCs, and aluminum
  • It is difficult to operate.


With now well-informed knowledge about CNC routers, you should be able to select your desired option of the best CNC router for aluminum. No doubt, all the routers discussed above will do the job well because of their many unique and fascinating features in terms of quality, performance, and affordability. Also, each of the CNC routers has its own unique quality which sets them apart from each other. It is all left to you. As much as their unique quality might seem tempting to you, it is very important you also take some steps in planning your budget, identifying your needs and taking further steps in matching your needs with your budget plan to choose which CNC router will do a perfect job of all that you wanted it to do.