Best CNC Plasma Table

Enough of the endless searches and scrolling. Enough of the confusion and misguidance out there. Here you SIMPLY get the clear/direct pointers and sidelights to the most desirable CNC plasma table for your job. Instead of a one-solution-fits-all recommendation or a list of “dynamic” plasma tables, you simply buy what you need to use. Here you find an entry-level CNC plasma table for your hubby plasma cutting. You also see powerful medium-sized CNC plasma tables for your business and a few industrial ones for large factory work. Seen any 36’ ×350” in a shipyard lately?

However, our recommended tables here are specific with what you can use each of them for and we have made clear the job each of them does best. That way, you not only know your future with anyone you pick but also save yourself from blind spending. Yikes! Meanwhile, at the end of our complete CNC plasma table review, you find a detailed price guide. We feel you’ll find it handy. Get to it.

 Review of The 7 Best CNC Plasma Table In The Market

Beileigh PT-22 Plasma Cutting Table 31” × 29”

Tired and sick of using that old downdraft table? Your business in the marine industry needs the most solid CNC plasma table? Beileigh PT-22 is a heavy-duty 31” × 29” for all plasma cutting, recommended for a smooth fast running of your business. You can use and enjoy a controlled ¾” cutting capacity on mild steel. And you don’t have to arch or bend your back/spine/neck to pain before it gives you a clean, ready-to-weld edge. It doesn’t end you up with frustrating preps to do nor does it bite into your time and schedule with gazillions oxide layers to remove before the actual welding job.

Place metal sheet to be worked upon on the strong flat bar grates. Just below it is the adjustable water table with a ball valve at drain inside that you can use for gauging water level and as well use it for water level adjustment. Fix your torch unto any of the two flare holders hassle-free. There is the configurable holder that gets along with any flashlight design and size on the market. And the second holder is for your automated style torch. Regardless of your preferred light design, the PT-22 drives it with stepper motors for torque resistance, excellent repeatability, stability, and excellent low-speed torque. The first motor is a single motor drive stepper on X-axis. On the other hand, the second is a dual motor drive on Y-axis.

But what’s the safety, mobility, and power usage of the Beileigh PT-22 like? Also how easy to use is this water table system?

Beileigh PT-22 is considered the fittest CNC plasma table to reduce the stress in your marine industry business as well to fasten works up in your shop. Why? For one it comes with an entry-level handheld pendant with jog control that is easy to use and quick to program starts and stops of the motors. The result of this is that you have the opportunity to automate plasma cutting. Pick up the jog control and simply push the soft buttons to get up and running.

Meanwhile, Beileigh PT-22 comes assembled and ready to use right out of the box. Push it conveniently into your shop on 4 separate and smooth casters. With each caster at 5-inches, the frontal two being swivels with brakes, and the rear two stationary, changing directions, and stopping when needed while moving Beileigh PT-22 is less work. And once there and plugged in, Beileigh PT-22 will use 110V power while delivering a consistently smooth edge on your cuts.

And did we mention there is an included software design package ready for use? Install it on any computer, design, and plot with it, and Beileigh PT-22 works on it for you without using much power. All you have to do is load your plots and designs unto the CNC system with the use of a USB stick. Finally, Beileigh PT-22 comes with storage space for electronics, motors, and other accessories. There’s also a latched and hinged door enclosing the system for security and easy access for quick use.



  •         Best CNC plasma table for marine industrial works and engineering business
  •         Entry-level plasma cutting system, easy to use
  •         Does CNC plasma cutting with high accuracy
  •         Low power intake
  •         48” height table for comfortable cutting with no back pains
  •         Handheld pendant and jog control is easy to use
  •         The overall system is easy to operate
  •         Great budget for your business
  •         More flare handle options
  •         Design software inside
  •         Accepts DXF files
  •         Stepper motors are best for industrial/large works
  •         Deep water-table/bath responds to adjustments when using it
  •         Secured storage space for motors, electronics, and accessories
  •         High load capacity
  •         Large space on the durable flat bar grates takes about all metal sheet sizes


  •         Heavy 500 pounds design
  •         Takes up plenty of space

CNC Gas Oxyfuel Flame Plasma Cutting Table

Want something more massive? A heavy-duty monster with an effective space area of exactly 59.055” × 98.425”? One that does both oxyfuel flame and plasma cutting excellently for your ship-building firm? Oh, and without faulting-out when you need it most for use!

The gas oxyfuel flame CNC plasma cutting table is our recommendation in this case. And here is why the gas oxyfuel flame CNC plasma cutting table allows for up to 59.005” × 98.425” placement of workpiece. Be it metal or aluminum this metal-built machine holds 1500mm × 2500mm sheet of the workpiece of varying weight.

Sketch, draw, and plan-out the details of your project by using the StarCAM software on your computer. Or just make the drawings by using your AutoCAD, convert everything from DXF to other file formats using the StarCAM software, and then copy them directly into this CNC plasma cutting table. One file at a time though.

What’s next? Place your workpiece on the wide but strength-filled table. Work on your first job for free without spending on a cutting tip as your package comes with 1 propane cutting tip for oxyfuel flame and plasma arc cutting. When plasma arc cutting though you will need to spend the extra on a compressor, straight machine flare, and other plasma arc cutting instrument. Likewise, for flame cutting you may need to buy your own gas as this table doesn’t come with one for use.

Who do we especially recommend this machine for? If you do more oxyfuel flame than you do arc then this is your machine This, however, doesn’t mean the CNC gas oxyfuel flame cutting machine doesn’t deliver amazingly on arcing. But the fact that it does super clean works through 6-1500mm thick metals on oxyfuel flame and a good Hypertherm source. This is phenomenal and hence our recommendation. By the way, the automatic plasma flashlight height control feature of this CNC plasma cutting table beats many CNC for plasma cutter to the dust.


  •         Best CNC plasma cutter for CNC for oxyfuel flame cutting
  •         Phenomenal delivery on 6-1500mm thick metals
  •         Heavy-duty machine for factory works
  •         Massive effective cutting range
  •         Supports all gases including; LPG/coal gas, acetylene+oxygen, and propane
  •         Responsive automatic plasma torch height control
  •         Comes with 1 FREE propane cutting tip
  •         Supports and converts all file formats easy and fast
  •         Ready to use right out of the box
  •         Comes coated in red painting to withstand all the scratches and stains
  •         Low maintenance required
  •         Allows AutoCAD or StarCAM software drawing
  •         Multiple language settings on the control system
  •         Reads finish drawing and U disk file perfectly


  •         Only for businesses with big budgets

Firebird CNC Plasma Cutter Table

Here is yet another extra-large size CNC plasma cutting table using a wide table to broaden your choice. As a large engineering business holder, you want to get your hands on just more than a single machine to do all the metal-slicing and metal-cutting jobs easily using the Hypertherm design. Exactly why we have added Firebird’s top-of-the-series design.

Firebird CNC plasma cutter table brings a 3 axis motor drive cutting solution to the table. You have a 425oz motor drive on the X-axis. 2 425oz NEMA 34 motor drives dedicated to the Y-axis. And lastly for the Z-axis is a 270oz motor drive. And all of these motor drives are held to be compact, using ball screw drives for optimum accuracy and precision for customer satisfaction.

Fix workpiece on the table with the supporting linear guide rails. You no longer have to worry about a sheet shifting out of position which otherwise bites into accuracy. Nor do you have to waste extra time and effort prepping here and there. In the same direction, the Firebird CNC machine comes with 60” × 60” flare height control for easy adjustment of working distance and operation convenience.

Easily push the Firebird cutter system into a corner of 50” × 50” in your workspace using a cart. Or make sure to make it stand at the center for an open operation. The only problem, as with other heavy-duty CNC plasma cutting tables, of this system, is transportation. Except when important (high-paying gigs), which will cost you money, of course, you wouldn’t get a Firebird or any of the heavy-duties recommended so far for long-distance works.

Straight to the control system you have the Firebird plasma software at your disposal. Get your artist to work with it, work with it yourself, and program the produced design unto the system. And boy is it a breeze to do all of these things. Horribly we’d say. Okay, there’s the wide clear screen at the top of the soft buttons on the control handheld you set everything upon. So you need not be techy.

Our final verdict though. If you are looking to get nothing less than 48” × 48” mild and hard metal sliced often this Firebird cutter is the best for you. See the pros and cons below.


  •         Powerful 3-axis CNC system for industrial work
  •         Best CNC plasma cutter for the money
  •         Strong motor drive
  •         The right choice for great precision and accuracy
  •         A large effective work surface of 48” × 48”
  •         Free Firebird design software makes the designing process a piece of cake
  •         Less noise and less vibration
  •         Linear guide rails save stress and time
  •         Worksurface doesn’t wear-out or get sloppy with time
  •         Easy to get familiar with and work with
  •         No extra assembling needed except light attachment
  •         Responsive handheld remote control with clear digital display
  •         Comes in radiant black painting
  •         60” × 60” flare height switch puts the operation under your belt
  •         Transporting wheels included


  •         Not advisable for long-distance job

STV Motorsports SparX4400-4×4

Looking to slice through 600” every minute? Should be how many plates of 1500mm thick metal really? Now think about placing those plates in a row on a 48” × 48” table and just pushing them one after the other under the torch. You no longer have to keep squatting or bend yourself to death doing the heavy lifting over and over.

The STV Motorsports SparX4400-4×4 is a linear mechanical drive system for an entry-level into the industrial works. Being another option for your 3 axis travel machine and with a good Hypertherm PowerMax source, this STV model boasts a cutting speed of 600” per minute. With a motion accuracy of 0.002” per 12 inches and a step resolution of 0.005”,  the SparX4400 brings speed and accuracy to your auto repair shop work.

Line up metal pieces on the replaceable steel slat table surface. Automate repeating jobs. Push one slab after the other under and out of the torch handle. Pick up the remote control and adjust the automatic torch height switch to a precise level for an accurate clean cut. Use the system without the water table if you like. Then fill it with clear water for large works where the massive heat generated from the hypertherm powermax could wrap workpiece and thereby compromise quality.

Tow and lift straight into your workspace. Plug into a 110V or 220V power supply. Design works in 2D with the included full software package. And fed the system up through USB connection to flesh out the exact shapes and cuts of metals you want as drawn on the software. What’s more? The included software package comes licensed and you have a lifetime full support on the stepper motor system.


  •          High-end technology model
  •         Tough frame design and durable build material
  •         The linear guild rails are of high quality
  •         Dry and wet CNC plasma cutter options
  •         Complete lifetime support
  •         Task automation for repeating jobs
  •         Advanced adjustable auto flashlight height control
  •         Topnotch cable management
  •         Works with Windows operating systems
  •         Best CNC plasma cutting tables for auto-repair, agriculture, and architecture engineering
  •         Tough replaceable table surface
  •         Large work surface
  •         Dual input power
  •         Tutorials and videos for usage, assembling, and maintenance
  •         Great machine for speed, accuracy, control, and smoothness
  •         Professional delivery especially on ¾” metal
  •         Ready to use out of the box


  •         Doesn’t support hand torch
  •         No wheels for smooth mobility


GMC Plasma Table PT-0510/105A

Servo motors are known for high output power, high torque to inertia ratio, high efficiency, and quietness. Is that all you’re looking for in your CNC plasma machine? Well GMC designed a blue 4370 pounds standard equipment that exceeds your expectations.

The GMC PT-0510/105A is another heavy-duty all-steel construction designed to be rigid for industrial purposes. Built into the table is a vacuum for fog and dust collection when dry-cutting. Meanwhile, a wet dust collector and a Hypertherm powermax are included too. The torch height switch automatically detects unevenness in materials and adjust itself when and where needed for an all-round perfect cut. Thinking of consistency?

Enjoy the convenience of this 36” high table. Lift materials unto the 1” thick and 5’ × 10’ mild steel capacity table. Set flashlight into the holder without stress. And finally, program workflow directly into the control system. To help you get around with the entire process fast and easy, GMC lets this system come with a flashcard where they saved up demo videos for you. You learn how the included Hypertherm PowerMax and the UCAN NEST V10 design software is used. Samples and basic shapes are provided in the software ready to use directly and tweaked toward your projects. In the flashcard, there are also set up videos to learn how to set the plasma cutter up, program, and get it to work perfectly with no engineer doing it for you.

GMC PT-0510/105A replaces the regular remote control common with most industrial plasma cutting tables with a control center. The control center that is like a separated machine comes waterproofed to last long on the wide clear screen and the hard input buttons. See the pros and cons below for a complete overview of GMC plasma table PT-0510/105A.


  •         Best plasma tables when considering servo motor systems
  •         High precision and accuracy plasma cutter
  •         Detects unevenness on the workpiece and adjusts arc height automatically
  •         Entry-level for industrial job
  •         Comes assembled
  •        The control center is more open
  •         High flexibility and efficiency
  •         Convenient operation because of the Hypertherm function
  •         Reasonable load capacity
  •         High-end industrial cable track and conduit
  •         Responsive overload protection and disconnection switch
  •         Flashcard inside with useful demo videos
  •         Programmed design templates and shapes ready to use
  •         Perfect arc distance maintained all-through
  •         Inbuilt fog and dust vacuum for real-time dust evacuation
  •         Bright blue color painting


  •         No transportation wheels

STV Motorsports SparX510 5’ × 10’

One more 3-axis metal slicer system before the last below which is mainly for DIYers and craftsmen. But this one we recommend to DIYers, stay-at-home hobbyists, and boomers who enjoy the weekend metalwork. A standard high-end machine with all the features for entry-level work. A mechanical drive system with cutting envelope dimension of 5’ × 10’ for large and small works done at home.

The STV Motorsports Sparx510 5’ × 10’ is the equipment you want to be towed into your shop or your DIY workspace to record consistency and smoothness on every project. Expand your capabilities around plasma cutting, submerge workpiece in the water table to build a wall against warping and faults. Get a dry job done easily with less dust when working on small metals with low thickness. With the automatic height switch dedicated to making sure your flare adjusts where and when needed you can always produce phenomenal cuts like a pro because of the Hypertherm design. The main reason we recommend it to you is its medium size. By the way, it is this same reason and the extra industrial features of the SparX510 5’ × 10’ that gives the machine a place in auto-repair shops. Also, chop shop owners and enthusiast welders enjoy the simple but yet efficient delivery of mild metals from this system. Don’t know how to set up a plasma cutter? No worries. This comes with setup and installation supports.

And did we mention the task automation feature? See why you would go for SparX10 5’ × 10’ below. We included the one and only snag too!


  •         Task automation
  •         Easy installation and setup
  •         Equipment comes assembled
  •         Lifetime support
  •         A high degree of accuracy
  •         Smooth consistent work especially on ¾” mild steel
  •         Comes with complete guides in videos and manuals
  •         Easy to connect with USB for design programming
  •         Strong guide rails for control
  •         Tough removable table surface
  •         Can also be used for industrial works
  •         Works with most plasma CNC tables out there
  •         Dual voltage 110V/220V
  •         Tough and compact flare holder
  •         Less noise and vibration


  •         No wheels and may not be easily transported

Morphon Lacer Engraving Machine 60Watts for Arts and Crafts

Craftsman? DIYer? Get in here. For a laser that pays for itself on the first run, we recommend Morphon Lacer 60Watts for arts and crafts. Is it CNC? Yes, it is. It is a quick and comforting upgrade into the professional stage of crafting designs on materials and making real art with perfection.

Morphon 60Watts is 1150mm × 850mm × 970mm in size delivering 1000mm/s speed at maximum and 1000DPI resolution. Slice through and make arts on metals, ceramics, woods, glass, rubber, leather, marble, crystal, and Plexiglas. Place whatever material is to be designed through in the 500mm × 700mm working space area provided by the table. And finally, enjoy the 60watts lacer power of the Morphon Lacer engraving machine every day. And needs to worry about heat or dust? With a Hypertherm PowerMax and an air-assist system is built directly into the equipment to remove combustible gas and beat down heat off the work surface so you can operate with comfort and control.

Input designs into the table with USB connection. It supports U-flash disks and will read all forms of images including; HPGL, GIF, BMP, JPG, JPEG, DXF, and DST from your memory stick. Needless to say, USB 2.0 and USB disc PC are included and you can always make a complaint if yours comes without them.


  •         Best CNC laser cutting equipment for arts and crafts
  •         Perfect choice for hobbyists, and DIYers
  •         Supports and reads all image formats
  •         Fast USB connection
  •         Heat and combustible gas evacuation feature
  •         Lightweight cutting equipment
  •         Wide application on all materials
  •         Considered a top engraving machine
  •         Functional complete operation control
  •         Takes up less space
  •         Pays for itself real quick
  •         Beautiful color painting
  •         Comes with wheels for easy transportation
  •         Takes a single person to move around
  •         Great for traveler professional engineers/craftsmen/artists
  •         Great price for great benefits and exclusive features
  •         Steep learning curve


  •         May need an upgrade on the software

Best CNC Plasma Table Buying Guide

Seen your equipment of choice? Well if walking directly into the market is the thing you don’t want to go without our price guide. See below the features to look out for in a CNC plasma table before raising your card.

  •         MOTORS; very important. The two motors ever used in plasma cutting tables across the industry are servo and stepper. However, a good rule of thumb is that servo motors are better than stepper. But we believe that to be faux. Quite alright, servo motors move to infinite positions and give you feedback on step execution. These the stepper doesn’t do. The stepper motor otherwise has a definite position movement and it doesn’t give you feedback. But even then that doesn’t give servo the upper hand. We believe your motor of choice depends on the kind of job you do. Moreover, stepper motors have some benefits you’ll never get from the servo. For one stepper motors have the highest resistance to torque and are easy to maintain. Plasma cutting tables with steppers last longer and are inevitable of low-prices than servos. Our verdict, however, is if your expectation is 100% control and a high degree of accuracy, go for servos. Likewise, go for steppers for equipment that lasts longer, comes with Hypertherm design, lesser price, and is of high holding torque.
  •         Material quality; determines the weight, strength, bulkiness, appearance, and the lifespan of your plasma cnc table. Again steel and aluminum are the two materials CNC plasma systems are built with. So how do you pick from the two? First, know that aluminum systems are built with more quantity of aluminum and are bulky by implication. The steel-made system is rather less space-consuming. That may make you go for steel but again steel doesn’t have as much strength as aluminum. Though steel-made equipment is stronger they break at the point where aluminum would stretch due to internal strength. Still, asking what’s the best? Steel saves space but aluminum has great strength.
  •         Dust and combustion gas control; must be provided otherwise you’ll be spending extra on a vacuum or some other dust/gas evacuator system. And though the water table performs that function too not all equipment as plasma cutter CNC comes with a water table. Moreover, some of your jobs would demand to keep off the water table. Nevertheless going for a table with all the basic and exclusive benefits without a dust/gas control feature is a wise decision than the other way round.
  •         Warranty; no reliable company or manufacturer sells equipment that has no warranty. A good rule of thumb. If it doesn’t come with a warranty it doesn’t worth your money. Check the other guy.
  •         Software; your plasma cutting machine should come with intuitive design software that is easy to use with full endorsement. 


Plasma tables are a way to escape all the snags of the old fashioned ways of manual plasma cutting. The computer numerical control system draws you closer to the metal surface, thereby, resulting in increased accuracy and precision. Unfortunately what is impossible is making the right purchase decision without the right recommendations and guides. Although our recommendations are the best out there and our price guide direct pointers. But still we feel we could help you further to get your next most solid CNC plasma table if you use the comment box below.